is this a weed?

bmanDecember 7, 2012

I replanted my back yard with Black Jack Burmuda seed well over 6 months ago and I am starting to see this pop up in the grass in a lot of places. Before I replanted the grass I used Annual Ryegrass for one season and then killed it. I don't think this is ryegrass but looks more like a weed to me. I used Weed b gone and it did nothing....

Can you help me identify this?

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andy10917(NY 6a)

It looks like Quackgrass to me, but it could be any one of fifty grasses that we lump into "barnyard grasses". They will not respond to WBG or any other broadleaf weed killers, because they are not broadleaf weeds -- they are grassy weeds. Some require specialty killers, or you can just hand-pull them, or spot-treat with RoundUp (which will kill what it touches).

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Thanks...Since my backyard lawn is quite large this will be quite a chore to hand pull them all. Very frustrating after all the work I put into the yard initially....

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Are you following the Bermuda Bible? Google it if you are not. Your lawn does not look like it is getting proper care. Mowing height looks to be about 2 inches too high and it does not look like it is getting high monthly doses of high nitrogen fertilizer. When you don't take proper care of bermuda, it can become weedy fast.

There is another product called Grass-B-Gone that might work on those weeds. You have to know which type of weed you have to get the right product. Grassy weeds like yours need GBG.

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andy10917(NY 6a)

David, I don't see the advantage of Grass-B-Gone over RoundUp. Both are going to kill most all desirable grasses they touch -- including Bermuda. To the best of my knowledge, GBG is for ornamental beds and not meant for lawns. Am I mistaken?

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Using grass-b-gone in turfgrass is not the typical usage. Grass-b-gone is likely going to be less effective than RoundUp. What my point was was that RoundUp will definitely take out anything it hits while GBG might leave the bermuda. In any case, bermuda will fill back in from the side after you kill that weed.

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