Tropical waterlilies arrived but roots cut off

frankielynnsie(7B)March 2, 2013

I got the waterlilies I ordered in the mail and they have healthy leaves and a few flower buds but their roots are chopped off. I have always bought locally, already potted hardy lilies so do you think they will survive?

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catherinet(5 IN)

I'm sure they'll be fine. They are very hardy guys!

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joraines(7 Upstate SC)

I agree with how hardy they are. I was given some last year when we set up our koi pond by my brother whose lilies were all overgrown and taking over his pond. Not yet ready to pot them up, I threw them into the pond where they floated around for about two months. When I finally potted them up and placed them, all leaves were submerged and I feared I had killed them. Within a few weeks, the leaves had come to the surface and they flourished and spread and bloomed beautiully. This year, I'm eager to see how well they come back.

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That's good. They were a top rated company on Dave's website. I just thought they would have their roots instead of stumps.

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If you have a growth point on the 'stump', you will be fine. the roots will come. If you do not have any growth points on the 'stump' and you have roots - you won't have anything.

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I planted them in a little peanut pond shell in the sunroom and the purple one with the flower buds is blooming. The pink one with 1 leaf is getting another leaf so maybe it is going to make it. I'm so very happy that they are going to live. The lotus has 1 leaf so I haven't killed it yet.

These plants have cost me an ankle, foot, leg and hip. When I was carrying the pot of dirt to the house I sprained my ankle, tore the tendons in my foot and tore the cartilage in my other knee . That will need surgery as soon as the ankle and foot get better. I am not sure what damage has been done to the hip-it just hurts.

This has made me a little more careful of myself. I have never hurt myself in all these years of doing crazy things but now I pause and think about it a little.

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joraines(7 Upstate SC)

Oh, my goodness! I hope you recover fully and without too much pain and yes, take care of yourself! My husband and I deliver hay and, at 50, I have been knocked out of the tractor trailer by walls of 60 lb. hay bales and was lucky I didn't break something so I am trying to be very careful myself. Glad your lilies made it and you are enjoying them and prayers for quick healing!

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