New sod and freezing temps?

paleface23December 13, 2010

What about freshly laid sod (fescue) and freezing temps?

I live in Eastern Missouri and mine was put down about 3 days ago (when it was 55 degrees).

Today the high is 18 degrees and its covered with a few inches of snow! Plus, it looks like the high temp isn't supposed to get much higher than 35 in the next week.

I guess it won't dry out with the snow cover, but I hope the cold doesn't do much damage and watering it now isn't really an option.

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While most would offer that you can indeed put down sod well into November...December maybe....that escape lets the gardener decide if the weather makes it possible.
I don't know why you chose December to put down sod that surely would be met with freezing temperatures and probably and maybe a good depth of snow cover.
The new sod is definitely not going to be able to put down roots....the ground has made that impossible. And the chance that it could possibly be given water to assist rooting, has gone by the boards.

Again, people associate air temperature with ground --soil temperature. The sod hopefully will grow in the the temperature of that madium is what's important....not the ambient air temperature.
We don't rush out and begin spring planting if a January thaw comes --yet the air temperature during such a thaw might reach up to what we'd like to go out and sun ourselves. Air temperature has nothing to do with soil temperature except when it lingers enabling the ground temperature to be affected upwards.

Your sod cant go dormant, it needs roots to feed itself...and your roots are frozen.

Chances are you will need to replace the sod in the spring after you remove the dead sod that was affected by the low temperatures and snow.

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Hey're wrong.

The new sod is super green and there's so much new growth, i really should cut it now. But, i'm going to wait until it gets about 6". Plus, we're having some early spring snow this weekend, which the lawn seems to thrive on.

I'd recommend late fall sodding for fescue (at least in St. Louis). I actually did it in late December. All of the moisture and snow we got this winter was great for it.

I only wish i had done my entire yard. I left one section with my existing grass (which was doing ok) to save a little money.

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