lawn damage from sandy?

blondelle(NE)December 3, 2012

I'm usually not a reader of this forum so I apologize if this has been discussed. We are close to the ocean and were flooded from Sandy. The lawn is now brown from the salt water although most of the shrubs seem to be OK. Any chance the lawn can come back?

Also, does FEMA , home owners or any otgher type of insurance cover the damage to the lawn?

Thanks much!

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As the closest salt water ocean is 800 miles away, I don't have any expecience specifically. However, I do experience salt damgae to my tree lawn/devil stip from road salt. Salt is commonly terminal to plants. An even bigger problem is the salt content of the soil which makes the soil unproductve (ancient armies would salt the fields of their enemies to punish and vanquish them). Eventually salt will leach out very slowly. I have had good results spreading gypsum to speed the leaching and allow turf growth.

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