Old Friends, a Wedding, the Ocean, Kids...

gardenbug(Canada zone 5)August 27, 2009

DD visited with us for a few days before taking our car to NH for her friend's wedding. The friendship began years ago in college, included shared interests in turtle studies, and much more. They've shared a house together, had pet woes too. One of them lost a brother in a tragic white water accident. These three ladies have been through thick and thin together...and will continue to do so as life goes on.

They met up several days before the wedding to help out.

DD was called to duty when the flowers prepared by a lady all collapsed by the morning of the occasion!

The happy couple gave each other an "Elizabeth" Magnolia as their wedding gift, and everyone chimed in to help plant it early in the morning. Dog leashes were used to lower it into the hole!!!

If you look carefully you will see a lovely stone wall in their back garden. They built this area themselves and it was used for the dancing later on. It will eventually be a vegetable garden.

The Maid of Honour was 1 1/2 hours late for the ceremony. It was decided to wait for her, but the bride had decided that she and the groom were not to see each other until the service, so the wait was long! The site was exquisite and the many children enjoyed the woods, lakes and grasses. The bride enjoyed the children beforehand too. DD caught some special shots of this time, photos no one else took.

The bride plays bassoon, and so music by friends was an important part of the day:

At last everyone arrived and the ceremony began.

Married at last!

The two Sarahs...

Skyler with his Dad. He chose to wear an Indian suit.(Don't you love the shoes!)

The next day was reserved for a visit by the ocean with Sarah's brother. How nice it is that they make time for each other!

DS is great with kids, so Skyler was well entertained and challenged:

Back at the farm, there was singing...




lots of Bocci Ball and Croquet, and just plain lounging around.

A great time had by ALL! And now the wait for Christmas begins!

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

What a fantastic series of photos Bug!!! that Ivy steals the show with her smiling face.


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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

Great pictures.... That first one of the bride will be a keeper for her for sure!

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It looks like it was an enjoyable vacation for everyone. A very pretty setting for a wedding. Ivy is growing cuter by the day.


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The first thing that struck me after Ivy's smile was how fast your daughter's hair grew!!!

Beautiful photos! Christmas can't come soon enough this year, hey?


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

I always enjoy a visit with the 'bug family :) Marvelous pics, Marie. I agree, that first shot of the bride is wonderful! That one belongs in a frame for sure. Skyler's suit looks VERY comfy. I'd better not let Jim see it, I'll never get him into a suit and tie again, lol!
As always, thanks for sharing your family with us.

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I enjoyed your picture story Bug. Outdoor weddings are so much more my style and this one looks fun. There is nothing like good friends who can take right up where they left off.
There is nothing like good family time either. So nice that you all had some quality time. The kids are so cute.


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veronicastrum(z5 IL)

Lovely visit! Thanks for sharing,


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I love Ivy's expression in the photo with Sarah and Skylar going over a music sheet (?). It's as if she's saying, "Hey, I know it, too, so give me a chance." She is such a joy to watch grow up. I agree, the bride will love that first photo of her. It must warm you inside to see your DS and DD spend time together like that. Thanks for bringing us into your special circle.

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Think I need Skylars' outfit for the awfice.

These are just awesome photos 'bug.

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Marie, you seem to be having a wonderful summer! You must be so happy to see your family enjoying themselves so much this summer. Sarah looks great. It's so nice that she seems to enjoy gardening and so do her friends. You have that in common and that is not a small thing. 'Elizabeth' Yellow Magnolia is a beauty, and what a great wedding gift! Love those candid photos of the bride. Looked like a very comfortable, casual, happy wedding. I love Skyler's outfit. It is so him. Especially nice to see DS in on the action! Ivy appears to be reading along with Sarah and Skyler. [g] What a happy baby! A thread entitled to lots of exclamation marks!!! :-)

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