Easy Floating Planter Design To Share

se_tx_gardenerMarch 28, 2010

I've been looking for ideas for shelf planters for my above ground pond and happened onto the thread about island planters. Since my pond surface is small I needed to come up with smaller planters.

I used an 8" "surface protector ring" I found in the garden center at W-M (larger sizes available). I covered the underside with GREAT STUFF Foam. After it set and dried about three hours I trimmed the dried foam with a hacksaw and sharp serrated knife, leaving 4cm of foam fairly neatly trimmed.

Thought I'd share this with you small ponders!

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That looks great.. sort of a terra cotta appearance. I like it.

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I just made two more and I'll get some impatiens in the next ones!

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Nice job! Did they have them in any other colors such as black?

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I do something similar using sheet styrofoam. Kind used for insulation . You can cut to any size shape desired and color with acryllic paint. Or you can get the SF at craft stores already in various shapes .No foam is required because it is incredibly bouyant A plastic pot wedged into the hole will hold the roots.and media . gary.

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Okay...patience with the newbie, please...

but what kind of pot did you use and what sort of media? I've seen some floating planters with impatiens and I'd LOVE to do that but am not even certain what to do after I get the floating ring part down.

Thanks! Jenny

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Jenny5149--The pots I used were some that some annuals came in that I bought last week, just the cheap black plastic I normally toss! I tried using clay pots but they were too heavy. I use topsoil for planting and either top with small river rocks or oyster shells to keep the soil from leaching out.

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beck_wi(z5 WI)

great idea.

my only question is whether or not the great stuff will leach chemicals into the water.

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I really like your idea. The clay color would look really nice.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garden Web

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Here is how I built my floating planter I used filter material for the skimmer that came in a roll. I joined two pieces with netting formed in the holes and window foam between the layers. I cut out in a pretty shape and added pots that I drilled holes in sides and bottom. I tried only using the netting to hold the plants but the Koi pulled the plants though and ate them. I will try and post a picture but don't know if I can or not. I have salvia,petunia and vinca flowers.

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My version built last year.

One of my resident frogs.
climbed on for a ride.

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