Marathon Lawn Yellowing

tomat0(10a)December 5, 2011

Time to ask the lawn experts for advice!

I can't rehabilitate my Marathon lawn for some reason. Would anyone have any suggestions? :)

Here are the details:

Age: ~1 year old Marathon I lawn.

Fertilization: Topper layer when installed. Fertilized several times with Marathon brand food and once with Nitra King a month ago.

Watering: 15 min @ MWF when warm, now 15 min @ MTh.

Mowing: Once a week @ ~3".

I admit, I did not maintain a steady fertilizing schedule and my mowing habits were not weekly the past few months.

The lawn has slowed in growth in the past 6? months or so. There has been nothing else applied or done to it.

Side note: I've been considering going organic with a pure compost/plant meal regime. I do organic garden in my backyard and my soil has a fair amount of clay, but is quite healthy as my fruit trees are growing substantially. Gotta respect Mother Nature!

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Sorry, I forgot the pictures! :D

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Where are you located (I'm guessing California)? From your pic it looks like you have a bit of disease. Your watering schedule isn't ideal. You should be watering less often, for longer periods of time. I would also suggest getting a comprehensive soil test to determine if you have any deficiencies. (Logan Labs basic soil test, $20). Tall fescue loses color and gets some yellowing as temperatures fall, but if you live in SoCal you shouldn't see too much cold weather dormancy affects.

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Yes, I am in Southern California! :)
I'll adjust my watering to less frequent but longer periods. Time to get those tuna cans out!

Some of the grass blades look healthy while some are complete opposites, as you can see in the closeup photo. Could you give any additional suggestions based on that?

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I wouldn't worry too much about it since it's pretty diffuse and most of the stand looks pretty good. I would get the soil test I suggested and if anything is out of whack then work on correcting those deficiencies.

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Just an update. I fed it plenty and watered with sweat. Looking good but some spots need reseeding/water. Perfect season for that!
Thanks for the updates. I'll post a pic when I can. :)

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