Watonai fish

temwMarch 19, 2011

Does any know where I might obtain Watonai fish in the North Central TX or South Central OK area?

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You might want to check with a local Petsmart or even a WalMart. They may something that is comparable and much cheaper than the overpriced ones I see on the net.

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Thanks terrestrial man for you reply, but Petsmart, WalMart, PetCo, local private owned pet stores don't have any idea what I am talking about. I thought I might be able to locate someone who has these fish for sale in N. TX and S. OK.

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They can be hard to find. Check out raingarden.us Goldfish from Hawaii. I know it sounds expensive but Steve is great to work with and shipping is cheap(starting at $15 for small box) and unbelievebly good, fish will look amazing when you get them! If there is something you are looking for or you want tiny babies he will work with you. I've ordered online and had fish mailed and lost some, but not with Steve!!!

Most people have no idea what wakin or watonia are at pet and garden stores I have found. All they usually have are shubunkins, comets, and koi.

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I know about Steve and he may be my source. I don't believe he is expensive for the quality of fish he has, but I am not sure he ships to my area. I will inquire. Thanks for your response.

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What is this fish,never heard of it?

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Bulldinkie, log into www.raingarden.us/goldfish-watonai.htm and Steve will give you details and pictures of the Watonai.

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