Killing weed sprouts in new soil prior to planting lawn seed

rckeDecember 2, 2012

Hi -

Please share your experienced thoughts on this : I am planting Marathon2 from seed, and I had very sandy So Calif soil (only 400 sq ft) which very much needed amendment and compost mixed in. Went with about 2 inches of EB Stone organic compost and Green All Soil Booster and TILLED it in. (i know, i know, too late).

I have not seeded the lawn area yet, and after a week of rain, I now have lots of tiny weeds just showing. I am thinking that I should wait for more sprouts to show up - then what ? Spray with Roundup and wait a week or two before seeding?

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andy10917(NY 6a)

It's called fallowing, and it's done just the way you described. Water shallow and often as if you were trying to raise grass seed. Then whack it with RoundUp. It's not on the bottle, but it's safe to put down grass seed a few hours after the RoundUp is dry.

After the grass seed establishes, move to deep/infrequent watering - that will make the grass healthier and will avoid a lot of weed sprouting.

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