Love my Pondmaster

annedickinsonMarch 23, 2010

Last fall, when I would normally be closing up the pond the "right way", I was ill. All I could manage was to put the old windows over the pond and turn off the Pondmaster pump. Just left it in the pond. No bubbler this time. Just a couple of prayers for the fish.

This past weekend, after the ice thawed, I pulled up the Pondmaster pump, took it apart, cleaned the impeller and the hole into which it fits and it worked!!!!

The fish are still deep down somewhere (can't see the black one anyway, though I did see the comet while the ice was still on the pond) but I now have a dome aerator going and have pulled all the pebbles out of the stream to clean them, which I will do this coming weekend when the rain ends.

That pump just keeps working no matter how abusive I am of it. I love it.


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Yes Danner makes a good Pondmaster pump. But as long as the water around the pump does not freeze it is the best place to keep a submersible pump. You did not abuse the pump at all. The ice forming around the cord might be a problem but doubtful. The very cold water isn't going to hurt the pump in fact it is better for the pump. So don't feel bad about leaving the pump somewhere it can't freeze and the water isn't going to change much.

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I've had three over the years and two are still kicking.

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Yeppers, dem r GOOD pumps. My first one died prematurely but was promptly replaced and that one is going strong.

We have a spa-in-a-box hot tub and when the pump in that went bad I put a Pondmaster pump in that and that goes strong running 3 years near continuously!

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