St. Augustine grass dying- Please help

Will87December 10, 2013

My grass has been slowly dying over the last year. I tested the PH Levels and it's fine at about 6.5. I have no idea what's been causing it. A couple of months ago I added steer manure, all-purpose fertilizer, new grass plugs, but it didn't take. I've checked for chinch bugs but can't find any.
The only other thing that I guess it could be is that it's too shady? I'm not planting anything right now because it's winter and it gets practically no sun. But in the summer it does get a good amount of sun..
The grass is in between 2 structures, and there's a tall tree that;s right outside the yard that also causes shade.
Please let me know your thoughts on what it might be. I know the drainage isn't very good, as some parts of the soil would stay wet on one side of the yard. But it was all working out fine 2 years ago, the grass was fine. I also plant winter rye grass and it takes fine for the winter season.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Where do you live?
What is your watering regimen (frequency and duration)?

Can you take a picture of the edge of the remaining grass from a distance of 3 inches? I need to see the blades of green grass and blades of any yellowing/browning grass up very close.

You're getting plenty of light. St Aug grows very well in full shade as long as it gets light from somewhere. For example it will grow poorly under the low canopy of a magnolia tree but it will grow fine under the canopy of any tree with bottom limbs 6 feet high or more.

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