Ads are being very obnoxious

catherinet(5 IN)March 3, 2013

The ads keep coming up and it takes me awhile to get rid of them, so I can post, or read posts. GGGrrrrrrrrr.......

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the ads would not allow me to submit my posting. I had to back out of the forum and then go in, retype and then submit again before I could post anything.

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Install adblock+ It stops most adds.

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rsingley(z6a NJ)

I stopped coming to the site for a while because of the pop-up ads. Now I may just delete the site from my "favorites bar" and not return.

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zinniachick(southwest Ohio)

Make sure "block pop-up windows" is checked in your browser's security preferences.

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

I had to reinstall Adblock but it is working well. I got very annoyed at the political ads. The ones from the White house were impossible to get through.

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