Turf Boom Sprayers

blueberrier1December 22, 2011

Anyone with experience with a specific brand of trailed boom turf sprayer with 16-24 foot coverage?

Wanted for organic fertilization.

Anyone using a boom sprayer with an ATV?


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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

You may be being misled. Organic fertilizer usually is a solid, not a liquid. Bloodmeal is about the only reconstitutable organic fertilizer. If you are spraying molasses, not technically a fertilizer, then a boom should work. If you are spraying fish meal, you are wasting your money. The amount of nitrogen/protein in liquid fish fertilizer is miniscule. If I recall correctly it takes about 3 gallons of liquid fish per 1,000 square feet to match the nitrogen from 15 pounds of coffee grounds.

If you are thinking of spraying fresh compost tea, I can almost guarantee you that the nozzles will clog about 30 seconds after you start spraying. Not only that but you'll have to drive the ATV so slowly it will take all day. I know a lady who sprays 200 gallons per day of the compost tea she brews. She had to go to a #20 nozzle to stop the clogging and she filters her tea. A #20 nozzle blows a thick stream of tea. She aims it at a flat steel plate angled at 45 degrees. The tea fans out from the steel plate and covers about a 10-foot wide swath.

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dchall, thanks for your input. Have met folks who follow advice from other ACRES USA (the eco-ag publication)articles and use organic liquids for turf, pasture, hay and veggie crops successfully. These folks spray hundreds of acres-so their equipment is not what I need.

Sprayer nozzles are a challenge for folks who spray non-organic 'stuff' as well. I have no experience, nor intentions to spray molasses, but have used filtered KVAST as a foliar feed on food crops without problems-and am considering testing this on a four acre pasture.

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dchall_san_antonio(8 San Antonio)

Can you explain what KVAST is? Google tells me it is a Swedish word for broom or brush.

What liquids are the Acres USA folks spraying? Some of their articles make good sense and some seem to be hokum to me. I like to believe that some writers have special conditions which makes their favorite cure work for them. For example spraying sea salt on otherwise salty soil is not likely to improve growth.

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