Can I seed KBG in early spring in Northern Md?

stoptheweedsDecember 29, 2008

I missed my window for fall overseeding and I was wondering if I could still seed Kentucky Bluegrass in the spring?

I thought about Winter dormant seeding the KBG. But I don't think I want to risk having that much potential seed loss.

I have finally decided to switch to Kentucky Bluegrass after years of struggling with Tall Fescue (all kinds of disease problems with it here). I am hoping someone here can provide some advice.

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Yup. The earlier the better. As soon as things start to warm up in the spring, get your seed down. Not sure what you plan on doing for soil prep, but that may be your biggest problem with the ground usually being very moist. I think you will like the greater disease-resistance of KBG compared to fescues, but on the other hand, it will not take heat well. Hopefully it works out for you.

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Thank Eriocaulon,

I live in the northern part of Maryland (about two blocks from the border with Pennsylvania. So, I think it should be doable, as far as heat tolerance. I just want a great looking lawn.

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turf_toes(SE Pennsylvania KBG)


I think you are clearly in an area where you can grow KBG successfully. I live in Pa, not far from Maryland and have had some success with Kentucky Bluegrass. What cultivars are you planning to seed?

I really think you should consider waiting until next fall. You'll have much greater success then. But if you are committed to a spring overseed, you will need to be sure to keep the new seedlings well watered throughout the summer. That means don't even think about letting it go dormant. Grass that young will not tolerate dormancy so well and you'll lose a good proportion to the heat.

But assuming you are committed to doing all the proper cultural practices, you might be able to pull it off. Post back here in the spring and let us know how the project is going.

We've had a lot of fall renovators in the past. But not a lot of folks have done it in the spring. Your experiences might prove very interesting to other readers.

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Thanks all. I'll try to post pictures in the spring.

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What makes you think you missed your chance to dormant overseed this year? Why waste time waiting till spring to seed? You can seed lightly right now and next spring when the temperature stays over 55 degrees consistently at night, you will have germintion of this seed and then at that time you want to seed again, then fertilize. Make sure you provide moisture to the seed if the spring is dry. The thing you don't want to worry about at this time is weeds. Make a healthy sod get started and in the fall you feed again then you can get after the weeds. By seeding right now in Maryland your not going to lose no seed. I am in west Pa and I seed lightly every season of the year, except summer and my lawn is always rejuvenated by new grass. I use KBG, the type is midnight and it's real dark green even when you don't fertilize.There are newer varieties of seed, but Midnight is still the most sold grass seed in the country. Since you want to start a whole new lawn you will need to lay down more seed than I do but not so much that you can't afford to do it each season. While your waiting for germination in the spring, the grass you have growing now will act as a nurse grass and will keep it in place and not let it wash away etc. So if you want a nice lawn, quit wasting time get the seed down and then wait to seed again. This is no theory, it works everytime. To get the seed, do a search on your computer on Outside Pride. They carry Midnight seed. lawndivot12 lawndivot12

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