killer frog (not bull) caution / graphic

alyceskis(CT)March 27, 2012

Looked out kitchen window and saw a struggling full grown Sparrow. Ran out, got my net to help the little guy out. That's when I noticed one of my 3 grown frogs had the Sparrow's rear end in it's mouth. I pushed the frog thinking it would release the Sparrow.... frog dived to bottom with Sparrow in it's mouth. Then bobbed back up... Mr/Ms Sparrow was dead and Mr. Killer Frog contined to gulp down. Got my digital cause I couldn't believe frog same size and maybe smaller than Sparrow was gulping the Sparrow down.

I've enjoyed my Pond for over 8 yrs and this is a first !!

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I have about 9 large bullfrogs in my koi pod. Many years ago I had one that was HUGE. I saw a commotion one day on the bank of the pond, and ran to see one of my frogs with the head of a large blackbird in it's mouth, flailing it's wings. He jumped into the pond, and I later found the bird floating, without the frog. he just couldn't get it down. They are voracious eaters and will try to eat anything that moves!

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catherinet(5 IN)

Are you certain its not a bullfrog??

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My frogs have been around for years and have remained the same size once grown. If this is a bullfrog he's a baby that has just shown up in my pond. How do you tell if it's a bullfrog other than size and sound? Years ago I purchased 2 bullfrog tadpoles. The following year I removed both because they were too huge for my pond and very loud. This is not the case unless it's a baby bull

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lisa11310(z5 MI)

Whenever my frogs get large enough to eat birds they get relocated, there are always more that show up and I allow the smaller ones to stay.

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My sisternlaw put koi pond in,went out one morning, bullfrogs sitting at the edge with big koi in its mouth.

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Alyceskis - Bullfrogs are much larger than the regualr strains of bullfrogs, and the males have bright yellow throats & mouths. You can also tell by their croaks - VERY deep like a bellows. Bullfrog tadpoles also are a 2 year tadpole, meaning they hatch after 2 years as a tadpole, whereas other species hatch the same year the hatch from eggs...

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Looks like bullfrogs to me. They will eat anything they can catch. Which is why they cause such problems for native wildlife in areas where they are not native themselves....

A friend saw one grab and swallow a duckling once at a golf course...

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