skippy filter advice

talcy69March 19, 2014

Hi new around here, but i have a question if i may.

Building a skippy filter the weekend, got all my scrubby pads ready, but have a question regarding flocor i have lots of this from previous pressure filter, should i use this in the skippy as well as the scrubbys or do i just use the scrubbys.

Cheers in advance

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I had to look flocor up since I had never heard of it. I don't see much. If it has loose surface material then I see no reason that you couldn't add it. I don't think the skippy idea is particular about the material used for large surface area.

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Hi thanks for the reply, flocor looks like cut up pieces of plastic corrugated tube about an inch in diameter. going to stick it in with the scrubbys then.
Cheers again for the reply

Here is a link that might be useful: flocor

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