Golden Broom / Yellow Broom

wwotrJune 22, 2010

While driving through Northern California, I took a picture of a roadside Plant/Bush/Tree, and I was told at a Nursery that its called "Golden Broom" OR "Yellow Broom".

OMG it is SO Fragrant!!! I wanted to buy a couple of bushes and put it on my property.

I was told that although it wasn't illegal to SELL it, I'd have a hard time finding anyone in the County who would, because it is so Evasive. I've tried to enclose a picture and re-size it 3 different times and its STILL TOO BIG.I am trying to nail down if it was indeed the 2 names described above, and was looking for any more info on it, like what other names is it known by and what's the "Correct Name" for it? What type of climate does it like. Seems to me if it were that evasive, that its a hearty plant.

If anyone could contact me privatley, I'd be glad to e-mail them this picture, to make sure it IS that type of plant, before I start asking more questions.



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There are three plants in California that are "yellow brooms": Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius), French broom (Genista monspessulana), and Spanish broom (Spartium junceum). All of them have been designated "noxious weeds" in the state.

The word is not "evasive"; the word is "invasive". Broom spreads aggressively into stands of native vegetation, endangering open grasslands and hillsides. Most broom-infested areas create high fire hazards because of the plants' flammability, fuel load (amount of plant material that will burn), and its frequent location on steep slopes. In forest clearings competition with broom prevents the reforestation of tree seedlings. Broom also changes the nutrient dynamics of the site.

This is not simply a matter of "one man's weed is another's beautiful garden plant". "Noxious weed" is a legal term that suggests a serious threat.


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Wow Joe, thanks a lot.
Yes I DID mean invasive.

Its a pity, because theres a 1/4 mile portion of road and this plant is on BOTH sides of the road, and its so fragant driving that stretch of road!
We do live in a high Fire Danger area, so I really don't want to leterally add "Fuel to the Fire".

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Broom/ Yellow Broom

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

When I click on your link I get an Accessories I've Added box that I've never seen before.

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yea I put the picture at the bottom of that page. Originally it was a page I developed for accesories that I added to my Moroecycle, but have since solf it, so I just use that page for Misc picture posting.

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