sammy zone 7 TulsaJanuary 10, 2008

We have upgrades. I wonder why they made this change. To post a message or to respond to a message, we need to add new information. I am curious to see what comes up once I submit this post.

I have been concerned about the information I receive from another GW site. I think that there are new entries all the time that look like spam to me, so maybe this will make things better.

Well, we do have a preview, so I am going to go ahead and submit the message.


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Yes, I just noticed this when trying to post a follow-up on the forum. Kind of aggravating, I thought I wasn't logged in but I was.

I do not intend to provide my email address on the subject line so every spammer can get it. I got away with as little as "v@v.com" in the email address line.

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What happened to My Page? Also it is irritating to have to type my name in for every response. I just included my email in a response and should not have done it. What kind of upgrade is this?

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I agree 100%. I did sign up for the diet thing on iVilliage and boy did I get spammed. It was terrible.

Perhaps this is their effort to avoid this spamming I recieved. It would be nice for them to explain it to us. I just thought they had sold my E-Mail address, perhaps not, seems to be a good company.

It was nice to be able to correspond with cupshaped_roses and work out our wonderful meeting. I would hate to loose that, but I don't want to open my door to the world.

There are people out there even more nuts tham I am. Hard to believe, I know.

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On the Member Services Page, it is possible to view one's My Page.

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If it isn't broken, they shouldn't have 'fixed' it.
It does remember my new email addy! as well as the name when I put in the first letter.
And member page is still me.
But I really worry about those who harvest email addys. I see visions of Irish Lottery Winners and misplaced fortunes in third world countries.

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There was a message from Tamara on the Soil Forum saying that they're still working on some glitches.

glad she let us know;
hurt my feelin's when it said I was "FORBIDDEN" to post...

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jody(7b - NC)

Just checking to see if I can post.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

They upgraded the hardware--probably they had to. There are still some problems (where's the rose gallery??) but it's working a little better now.

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Terry Crawford

Haven't had to add my e-m address when I post or experienced some of things. We'll see when my turn comes.

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