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mgecaMarch 21, 2010

For the past couple years I have experienced a lot of water loss due to splashing and overbank flow in my streams. I want to make adjustments and repairs before installing my pumps. I'm looking for a little help for my planning.

I think I will use hydraulic cement in certain locations. If a stone and liner are cemented together, is it a permanent bond or can they be separated? How?

Great Stuff will be the major sealant if I can keep it out of sight. I have never had luck with applying black waterfall foam. Someone posted here that one of the Great Stuff products is easy enough to apply and doesn't foam all over like the waterfall variety.

Can anyone recommend the variety of Great Stuff? Also, I know people do paint it. What paint works?

Wishing all a happy and successful ponding season--


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great stuff is exactly the same as the black stuff except its yellow instead of black.

I will expand after you shoot it out just like the black stuff.

To make it set quicker you can mist it with water. That will help with the extra expansion but dont expect to stay where you put it. It will still expand greatly.

You can just buy about 3 cans of great stuff for the price of one can of black.

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I wear TWO sets of rubber gloves (at the same time) when I work with expanding foam, regarless of the brand name. That way I can pull one off when I get too gucked up and still have my hands covered. hahaha I end up with it all over the place including on ME.

The directions look so easy in the books, but in reality it is a monster unto itself. That said, I love it - it stops the water from running UNDER the rocks instead of over them. If it shows, I don't worry about it because it will all turn sort of a brownish,blackish color very soon and blend in with the stones. I even will stick pebbles into the still-wet foam to disguise it. I don't know that I am adressing your questions at all, just sort of rambling on.

I have tried both Great Stuff and generic expanding foam. I think they are really the same with the exception that Great Stuff (or any kind identified as "safe for ponds")is more expensive. The fish haven't seemed to suffer either way. I have heard of people using latex paint on it if they want a different color.

I love your layout. Please post pictures as you go!!!


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flora2b(z6a bc)

Mike, I ended up sealing the edges where I didn't want any water to flow with GOOP, others have used Gorilla Glue with success I understand.
I only use the foam (black or otherwise) where I want to direct the water, but it will leak some regardless.
Like Anne, I add pebbles to the foam to hide the foam and it makes the pebbles stationary so they can't get washed into the pond.
Here's a pic with some foam areas circled

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I suppose most of us have had challenging experiences with foam. I always used the black, and there is some still diverting water four years after putting it in place.

I've been looking at my streams as the weather improves and so far I think I have two tasks; I need to build up some stonework and may use the hydraulic cement, but not in contact with the liner, and foam to seal cracks or divert water.

Based on what you all have said here, I am thinking about using Great Stuff in many places and probably a little (is that possible?) black foam in real visible locations.

The use of pepples is interesting and might be a good way to go. Flora2b, your pictures are encouraging in that way. I do recall a few ponders reporting that painting the foam is effective. I would like to know the type of paint and perhaps checking past posts will help. Finally, I'm sure there have been posts, that I can't find, stating that one of the Great Stuff products can be better controlled as far was expanding--crack filler, large hole filler? I don't remember. I hope to find out more before I start the project. It is still March so I am in no hurry.

Anne, thank you for the nice compliment. I have high hopes that the plantings, in their fourth year, will give some extra zing to the setup. Pictures maybe in the summer.

Thank you all. Any further info about foam are welcome and I will post any answers I find elsewhere for your interest.


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After some research, I may have found the answers to my questions. Acrylic paint seems to be recommended for painting Great Stuff. I looked at some in a craft store and it is water clean-up; does that mesh with being in the water? Lots of color possibilities. One reference to the crack filler version of Great Stuff as having smaller pore spaces--not sure if that means less expansion or what. I couldn't find any reference to which Great Stuff, if any, doesn't expand all over. Trial and error seems to be on the horizon.

I hope some of this might help you who have helped me.

Happy ponding - Mike

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Once Acrylic paint has dried, even washing in a washing machine doesn't remove it from clothes, so maybe it is durable in a pond too.

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