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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)October 1, 2010

A cool brisk breeze has been blowing from the north for the past week, driving the latent summer heat further south. With the nights now being as long and becoming longer than the days a few species of trees that are attune to the cycle of light has started dropping their leaves. But there is still plenty of species that drop there leaves based on temperatures. This past week the lows have been in the high 40's and low 50's. This should nicely kick start the color change process and here's hoping for a colorful fall this year.

The annual Old Time Fiddler's Convention is this weekend at my old school and methinks I will drop by and enjoy the music and say "hi" to my friends that are still there.

Running has been a joy this past week. With no added effort from me my times are better and my distances are farther. This, simply now that the high heat and humidity are gone. In fact, with the humidity having been lower than 30% these past few days there has been a burn ban in the valley.

The Florence Renaissance Festival is in a couple of weeks, and I look forward to that. I have my weekends free, for now, as I have, at least temporary, quit refereeing soccer. It was no longer fun, and was contributing to my bp problem. We will see how I feel about it come spring, and the high school season.

Beauregard is doing well, and is growing like a weed. With better nutrition his coat has darkened somewhat, and I now believe he possesses traits of a German Shepard/Golden Retriever mix. Not that that matter one whit.

Methinks I will eventually buy another kayak. This one will be a play boat, for white water rafting. North Alabama has several small rivers that are conducive to this type of fun.

Having Fun at Little River Canyon.

The big river has become too sedate for me, kayaking at least.

I have had my frozen concoction machine for two weeks now, but I have been only making smoothies and slush puppies with it. Have yet to make anything with alcohol in it. I'm in no hurry to change that pattern. After all I still have a case of Tecate in the fridge and a few bottles of wine about the place, if I want a drink with supper or such.

I have been writing again, and this is one of the side effects.

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Slush puppies, ooowwweee boy that brings back memories! You don't see those round these parts any more, but it was a big deal to get those at the corner market as a kid.

I'm doing a 5K this weekend for the American Heart Association. Mommy asked me to do Race for the Cure next week, but then she backed out; I'm still considering it. We'll see how I fare after this weekend. I just realized, I had two activities planned for the same slot. Oops! I was planning on finally finally taping up the boxes I moved to go in mom's attic at the same time as the AHA thing. Guess that will have to wait until Sunday afternoon. I'm raring to get my place in order now as I am finished perusing boxes and boxes of old papers in order to prepare for court. I feel a great weight lifted and am in the home stretch for all the tasks that were piled on me, almost exactly, two years ago. October 19, 2008 is when the world came crashing down. Two semesters of school still left, house with doors missing, holes in teh floor, holes in the ceiling, finances in shambles... and becoming a single parent. That one was actually easier. He said/she said is no fun for a kid!

The budget is great working order, which positions me to pay off all remaining debts (lab charges for medical work done and the lawyer) and can begin to sock away money for Christmas and next year's summer camp. Hurray!

The grocery list ready with menus tantalizing my taste buds. Soups are on the docket. Have a hearty veggie, chicken, and barley soup in the fridge right now. In a couple of weeks we'll go back to the farmers market and buy a pumpkin for the door stoop. And gourds. The most gorgeous gourds!!! They're wearing frilly ruffled dresses. The wreath with golden, red, and orange leaves, sprinkled with apples is hung on the door. The tree in the drive is leafless. All the trees around here are losing leaves or have golden leaves. The reds and oranges have yet to show up. Seems like there is lore which says if you have a really wet spring, the fall colors are better. Let's see what a flood does to the trees.

Speaking of the flood, the Grand Ole Opry is back up and running. The hotel decimated near the Harpeth River is back up and running. And the Opryland Hotel is slated to reopen within 6 more weeks. Yahoo! The last day for getting a tax break on new appliances and materials is over. Nashville is almost mended. I've become very tenderhearted for those who experience flood. I'd never been through it, but when I see scenes of that happening other places, be it in Iowa or the east coast (currently), I cry; it's so awful. I'm betting there will be a lot of Thanksgiving tables surrounded with loads of folk who are mighty grateful this year. I know I will! and not just for the delicious food.

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Michael, sometimes old age comes handy. You can say I am too old for that stuff and nobody thinks you are chicken.
No way would I have, even in younger years, made that drop.
Portage for me.

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DS who is close to 50 years old did a fun 1/2 a marathon this week-end. It was a "band" run. Every few miles there was a band playing and people could call out requests as they ran along. He is into music so it fit him perfectly.
He said there were 12,000 people in the race, and he came in the 7,000 range and that he felt good at the end. Lol, I can just see him boogieing down the road.

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