U.K. schools urged to tell parents if children are obese

pete41(9ab FL.)January 25, 2007

The ultimate Nanny State?

Could we do that here?

Staggered by that headline.Okay its a slow morning-rainy and 45 but can't believe people can't figure those things out for themselves.

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IMHO, the parents should already KNOW if their kids are obese!! Honestly, some things are pretty much self-evident.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

The human race is pretty good at practicing denial--maybe an outsider stating the obvious is needed to jerk some people out of denial.

On the other hand, if weight problems are common in certain families, they may not see the weight as that excessive (by comparison). I've sometimes met some people who express surprise at how "skinny" I am--when I know I'm about 10 pounds over the ideal weight on my doctor's chart. Obviously, some people measure weight differently.

Or maybe the parents know the kid is overweight but don't know what to do about it. Have you ever tried to force a kid to diet? Doesn't work very well--they take their allowance and go to McDonalds.

However, Pete's point about charging the authorities to monitor eating habits--well, I get real tired of authorities trying to run my life.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I often wonder just what the school should be expected to handle. My students are in the 10th grade, and we can legally only do so much. If we venture into areas that we are not licensed to teach, we are in trouble. But who should teach kids how to get along with other kids? Who should help gay kids understand what is happening, and how to adjust to our world? What do we do with obese kids? They are often quiet, and have such little confidence. When I divide the kids into groups, I assign groups so that everyone will be included. Our society has become quite prejudiced against obese kids. Athletes, cheer, pom high steppers, etc are in. We hear so much in the news about weight that diet drinks and healthful foods are really in. I wonder who should help these kids.

But then who should help the pregnant ones, the ones ready to run away, and the ones shoplifting. Parents are often giving their kids drugs and alcohol. They must see the cleavages of the sweaters - they probably buy them. The skirts are soooo short, and the boys' pants sag so much.

The pop machines and candy machines are closed at lunch, but the teachers who buy food in the commons come to the lounge with fries, tater tops, greasy hamburgers, loads of grease and always a dessert. I think our school will be making some changes, but the changes need to be through the country.

The school to tell the parents that their kids are obese? What a joke! Maybe there should be something the school could do about it, but if the parents don't know the kids are overweight, what good would it be to tell them?


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