What's with that?

anneliese_32(6)October 7, 2012

The cat's behavior, of course. Midnight, since we got her years ago, steadfastely refuses to eat canned cat food or processed people food. She eats her dried catfood and chicken or turkey breast, just cooked, no seasoning and warmed up, not cold out of the refrigerator. Once in a while she will eat a bite of fresh cooked fish.

A couple of days ago my son brought me some smoked salmon. Made myself a sandwich and Midnight almost assaulted me. She, who not even will jump on the coffee table, took the salmon almost out of my mouth and when I later opened the refrigerator, jumped right in looking for more. Went to the store and got a couple of cans of fish and salmon catfood. No takes, but she is still looking for the smoked salmon. Talk about expensive tastes.

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Yes, your kitty is picky, but the nose knows. Our kitty loved smoked salmon that came from a mom&pop smoke house in Half Moon Bay, CA. They used local material in their smoker. No additives or preservatives.
Our kitty turned up her nose at big box store smoked salmon.
Smart kitty.

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Amazing what attracts them. I had a cat who went wild over cantaloupe, she's practically take it out of ones' mouth.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Paco is an extremely picky eater, eschewing all manner of food that has been offered to him. Other than what I call "that old dry crap", lol.

One day I made a pot of homemade mushroom soup and brought a bowl to my easy chair to eat for lunch. Well, he was all over me and that soup; I had to stand up to get away from him! It wasn't the milk because I've made plenty of cream based soups....including seafood chowder....not interested.

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