Lillies and water flow

stevesfl(Z7 GA)March 31, 2013


Just had my first ever outdoor pond built. Approx 300 gallons, 28" deep. Using bio-balls for biological filtrration. The pump is a bit too large for my implementation, so I have tee'd off the flow to a rock wall /waterfall, and back into the pond.

I am interted in planting water lillies, along with canna, iris and probably some water lettuce / hyacinth. My question is: do water lillies require low flow environemnts? Will they be Ok is a higher flow environment?


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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Waterlilies do require low flow. Can you arrange the pond so that they are in a quiet area? They will not do well at all in even a moderately quick flow.

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