Back and badder.

pete41(9ab FL.)January 22, 2007

Yes,I am back

21 pounds leaner and a heck of a lot meaner

After being run out of the local watering holes I went on a health kick.From 183 to 162.

I no longer have any sympathy for those that whine about not losing weight.

Simple-give up everything fit to eat












etc. ,etc.,etc.

and go with bean sprouts,gummy rice,veggies,too small portions of too few barely edible stuff and briskly walk five miles a day and bike hard 25 and watch those quarter ounces melt away.

Is it worth it-yes

I feel good,like you should and back to being posture Pete not a slouched old man with a pot belly.

Oh yeah,don't forget the crunches,sit-ups,push ups and all the other fun things we hate to do.

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Back one day and already making fun of us fatso's.

Don't they teach political correctness in Disneyland?

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Does this mean the nice ladies like Florence and Viking Queen will follow? They are certainly missed. Guess they're being fed too well.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

Now Carla-I voted for U-lol

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Good to see you back, Pete, and congrats on the wt. loss. That should really help the old ticker and you must have lots more energy. How do your roses grow? What was your best bloomer this fall?
Kathy W.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Eating that stuff I can see why you're "badder" (or is that "madder")... Congrats Pete!!!

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Its funny Diane-until my ``heart problem'' I was a confirmed meat and potatoes,bacon and eggs,smoking type.Switched to a heart healthy diet,no smoking and plenty of exercising regime and I feel soooo good I want to preach the message but know how people react.We really need a concentrated program in this country to force people to eat healthy but that won't fly-lol.

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Pete - it's worth it for its own sake. People spend fortunes and hours and energy to figure out how to make their garden look just right and they won't put a fraction of that into making themselves healthy. Worrying about blowback from rose chemicals, spraying all kinds of things and putting on masks, etc., then sitting down to an additional brownie, cookie, piece of cake or whatever.

Better is just breathe in the chemicals, forego the sweets, and run around the block a few times. You'll build yourself up a little and be able to fight off some of the problems you end up with.

Anyway - leave contact information before next time you get bumped.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Well, I just read that list of goodies Pete doesn't eat any more, and it made me hungry. Excuse me while I go enjoy a big slice of apple pie--hmmmm--good!


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DH's cardiac rehab group (he's been going with the same bunch for almost 10 years now - they are a mottley crew) has a saying: "If it tastes good, spit it out, 'cause you can't have it!". At least they keep laughing . . .

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Funny thing-I don't really crave the no-no's its the new diets I look forward to.I think my subconcious has a strong survival bent.

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You are a HERO
(hero's) are not easy to live up-to------
you are special, so we try,
I for one would like to see pictures of
"THE NEW YOU."with the estimed Mrs # 41 if you please.


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Hey Pete,
I remember the nearly naked photo you posted last year. You looked pretty fit then. What do you look like now? Are you that guy I see in the newspaper ad with the head of a 80-year-old on Mr. Universe's body? I thought that guy looked familiar...

Take care of yourself. You can be a role model for the rest of us.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Well-the DW gave me some Stetson Black lotion.Real men don't use body lotions and parfumey sprays,do they? Just got in from my Wed. walk,only 5 miles today.Rest for a few minutes then time for the morning workout.Got to remember to pick-up bubble bath at Walmart,today.Soak those weary bones.Actually I prefer the bath salts.

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Not only will you look good'll smell wonderful...

Fran will fall in love with you all over again :)

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