don_socalOctober 13, 2011

Today is to be like yesterday, working outside is supposed to be fun. Oh well off to work. Have about 100 medium size trees to trim, at least they can all be reached from the ground with 3 or 4 6 ft. extensions. Water is on the menu. New records since the '50s.

2011.10.13 1353 UTC

Wind Calm

Visibility 10 mile(s)

Sky conditions clear

Temperature 63.0 F (17.2 C)

Dew Point 53.1 F (11.7 C)

Relative Humidity 70%

Pressure (altimeter) 29.81 in. Hg (1009 hPa)

ob KFUL 131353Z 00000KT 10SM CLR 17/12 A2981 RMK AO2 SLP094 T01720117

Maximum and Minimum Temperatures



F (C) Minimum


F (C)

78.1 (25.6) 64.9 (18.3) In the 6 hours preceding Oct 13, 2011 - 07:53 AM EDT / 2011.10.13 1153 UTC

105.1 (40.6) 62.1 (16.7) In the 24 hours preceding Oct 13, 2011 - 03:53 AM EDT / 2011.10.13 0753 UTC

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If I interpret the weather report you posted, it is hot as h@ll and humid to boot. You have about 100 trees to trim in this weather. Wow.... Oh, yes water should be on the menu. I hope you found some shade and took care of yourself.

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Cooler today, only 84 hope to get a lot done.

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It has been sunny and in the low eighties, and the early rain is such a blessing, generally it still would be dry and the well would be low and that makes a lot of gardening impossible. This month we had lots of early rain and the soil is soft, ideal for getting things cleaned up, some planting done before the winter rains begin, I am a happy camper! Making up for lost time.

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Don, glad it will be cooler today, 84 is still hot in my book when working outside, so take care.
Lilo, I'm with you about being grateful for the early rains. It sure helps a lot, especially since we have had a number of days of hot weather.

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