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Foghorn LeghornJanuary 10, 2008

I have tried just about everything to get my weight under control without much success. With my company's financial support I was able to join a gym in December. I have been trying to work out three times a week just after my martial art classes. So far it has worked well.

They do have a contest for "The biggest loser" at the gym. $1000 to the winner. They also offer rather expensive counseling once a week and you must agree to write down everything you eat in a diary. Well, I have dieted and read many books, and I doubt that they could teach me anything new except for discipline.

Have you kept a food diary, any FAVs. I saw this review on the web:

"As of today, I am into my third DietMinder and it has been exactly six months since I started recorded what I eat. No special diets, just a complete awareness of what I am eating. The journal is just enough a reminder that I don't stray from writing down what I eat and gives you a psychological edge by making you aware whether you eating habits are healthy or not. [We all know that without some self-discipline that piece of cake you eat gives you an automatic excuse to eat everything because, after all, now you've blown everything]."

I don't need another harpy Mother Hen. DW fills that role just fine. But perhaps one of these diarys might help.

What has been your experience?

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Dear Doug:

May I suggest you buy the book "You on a diet ...your guide to waist management". You can buy it at Borders, they sell it at half price now for 13 dollar. It is probably the best book about loosing weight ever written!!! It covers all aspects about the physiological aspects of weight- gain and loss and gives good advices about how to loose weight. Not another diet, but all you ever wanted to know about loosing weight. Diets do not work longterm ... changing a few habits does!!

I gained 50 pounds in 2007 and I was already pretty BIG because of mindless eating.In August I began changing my eating habits and during the last 17 weeks I lost 45 pounds.

I gained 4 pounds during the 2 weeks I was in Davenport. ALLL because of a chocolate covered potato chip!! But I have lost 5 pounds during the first week home again. Being down with a cold helped!

So next week I will hopefully have lost another pound and pass the more than 50 pounds lost in 20 weeks! I still want to loose 60 pounds and I will do it during the next 30 weeks. You just wait and see next time we get a chance to see each other!!!

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Writing foods down has always made me successful at losing weight in the past. More important, as soon as I stop writing, the weight creeps back up on me. (Apparently I'm really good at lying to myself!) When I'm minding what I eat, I follow the WW guidelines (even if I'm not attending meetings) and use a point system. I've counted points for so long that it comes easily to me. But points, calories, carbs - whatever you note, you just need to be aware of everything you put in your mouth. It has the effect of keeping your self-control in place.

I should just make up my mind that journaling must be a daily habit forever and get on with it! Thanks for the reminder, Foghorn.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

I have used a food diary many times in the past, and it always helps if I remember to do it. I know that Florence has mentioned that if she gains a little weight, she writes down every morsel and soon has it under control again. I just joined the "National Body Challenge". Maybe that will help me. I didn't gain any wt. over the holidays, but sure have plenty to lose.

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

I liked this review of the book:

"---If you're thinking about losing some fat, you probably
know all this already. So why would you buy yet another
diet book? You would buy one simply to raise your
spirits, to toughen your resolution and act as a good
companion as you remake the way you live. (That is after
all, what one does on a diet, from the Greek diaita,
which means a way of living).
Let's judge this, and all diet books on that basis:
would this book make a good friend as you change some
deeply ingrained but potentially destructive habits?

In general, that answer is yes. If you respond well
to slightly sappy but good-natured humor and an
indulgent attitude to inevitable human weakness, this
is a great companion. The authors are not great writers
and they sometimes seem a bit desperate to coax a smile,
but they are easy to get along with. You could keep this
book at your bedside and spend a few minutes with them
each morning.
Remember, a successful diet is a forever proposition,
so the issue is not what you know, but how you feel.
You On A Diet will make most people feel good.

--Lynn Hoffman, author of THE NEW SHORT COURSE IN WINE and
the forthcoming novel bang BANG from Kunati Books.ISBN



P.S. But the chocolate was worth it!

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I agree with what Karen just said------------
Kathy you are so right----just the act of writing down the amounts helps me

Remember when they used to say "DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF EVERYDAY "
From my experience I MUST weigh myself everyday and write down what I eat--

Recently I've read that now the experts are saying that my way is the best way---LOL

HOWEVER------since my recent hip surgery and Femur fracture I'm confined to a wheelchair (very inactive) plus I can't put any weight on the leg hence I can't stand on the scale----
When I'm finally permitted to stand on the scale I'm afraid it will explode--LOL
I'm trying to watch what I eat but my friends seem to show their love by bringing me food---

I think when I finally weigh myself you will be able to hear me scream all the way to California----LOL

Congratulations cupshaped-------that is amazing.


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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Congratulations cupshaped-------that is amazing. Indeed!

From 242, I lost my easy 10lbs of water, muscle, Munster cheese, whatever and am slogging away a pound a week. I guess that is the way to do it, but fifty pounds seems impossible.

I did improve my BMI fron 27.8 to 26.9 but they are trying to kill me at the gym. They know just what machine to put me on to induce the most pain. I picked up a Swedes' workout schedule by mistake, with a very similar last name, and I couldn't even budge the weights --- must be a lot younger and stronger than I.

One of my friends not only had both knees replaced, but a hip also. She is having a rough slog, but I helped her order some 'home run' roses this year.

I am so ready for March 15th to arrive. Perhaps, I will have lost 6 more pounds by then.

We had a large pizza last night. Oh well! At least I didn't eat half of it like usual. Some progress I suppose.

Good luck everyone!


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woooooohooooo!!! I have finally passed the 50 pounds lost mark! Almost half way there towards my weight loss goals! I feel ready to start at the gym and hit the cardio machines, and steady increase the length of exercise each week. I have to take it slow since I do not want to injure my joints and ligaments since I still carry 60 pounds too much ... but I will loose my overweight and get in shape again this year!!!

I am so sorry to hear about your hip problems Florence. I hope and pray for your recovery, and that you will endure the healing so you can enjoy your garden when summer comes.

You are getting very close to the healthy BMI range Doug!!
Loosing a pound every week is actually pretty good! Imagine doing that for 40 weeks!! Take it slow at the gym!!! The guy that can do an exercise with a 10 pounds dumbbell and exercise a muscle group correct is training just as hard as the guy using a 20 pound dumbbell. Both are hitting the muscles to the max of their individual ability at that time. Good form and not cheating is better than all the cheaters using too much weight and poor form ... be kind to your body.

And I have quit smoking again ... 13 days now without cigarettes. I feel great!!!

I hope all of you will reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Let this be the year. We only live once!

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iowa_jade(C 5b H 6)

Well, I blew my back out overdoing it at the gym, so I gained 6lbs. Bummer.

All better now and back to the program. One of my frends had not only both knees replaced several years ago, but last year had a hip replaced also.

It takes a while to recover from something like that. Hope you are coming along Florence. You are in our prayers.


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