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endorphinjunkie(z7bAlabama)October 29, 2010

A red, gold, and brown splash of color carpets the lawn. Color is still on most of the deciduous trees, though they will be bare in a week or two. Mums and pumpkins abound all around. Our first frost is predicted for tomorrow morning.

I am running in a 5K tomorrow morning. It's a Spooktacular race, and costumes are not required, but seriously encouraged. Gotta come up with something. Maybe tape small paper wings to my ankles. Wonder if I can find silver tights this afternoon.

Got a Hallowe'en party to attend Saturday evening. It's with the English Honor Society crowd. Come as your favourite character from literature. These people get creative. Me, well, I haven't worn my kilt in a while. So, I have procured a replica British sun helmet, 1880's style, and will combine that with other accouterments that I have laying around, sword and gun belt and such, and go to the party as Daniel Dravot. You know, the Man Who Would Be King, from a story by Kipling.

Also have to pick up some candy, for the non-existent Trick or Treaters. My favourite candy of course, because it will be me eating it in the days that follow. It's the only time of the year I indulge myself. I'm not worried about the calories; I am exercising enough to still be losing weight. Hey, I can get into my kilt again.

Hallowe'en has changed since I was a kid.

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Very creative ideas, Michael, particularly the silver tights and paper ankle wings. I hope there will be photographs taken? By the way, the British sun helmet is called either a solar topee (Noel Coward in "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" uses that name) or pith helmet. Have a great race and lots fun.

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Sounds like you are having fun Michael.

I spent the first part of the day taking Sassi to Atlanta
for a checkup. She had a cataract removed and a lens implant
a month ago and she is still having a problem with inflammation.
now we are up to 8 different eye drops 3 x daily. She has taken
up growling at the vet techs. Today a serious warning came
from way down inside that little fur ball. It surprised all
of us. I guess she is getting a little tired of all the
poking and eye drops.

I'm not sure I will be buying candy this year or
participating in the Halloween festivities. I think I would
just like to turn out the lights, go to bed and sleep right
through it.

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ell_in_or(z8 OR)

I need better local friends! LOL No one we know is doing anything. A literature group would be fun!

We are awful - Halloween grinches for sure. We turn out all the lights and go out for dinner.

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Sounds like you're going to have fun Dorph. Love both outfit ideas. Yeah, Halloween used to be great around here. The year my Mother and one of my classmates Mother wore the fathers long underwear and went trick or treating was....memorable. LOL.

Well, sad to say the young kids in town have grown past trick or treating or only go to church or other functions to celebrate. The rest of the kids around here go to the large fancy developments where they have such things as sidewalks and the houses are closer together. It's been two years since we had any customers. I still buy candy.

On the good side, I do have a nice Vampire Dog in residence. I used the thumbnail so you don't get too scared right away and can click...or not...heh..

In actuality Jessie was bored waiting and hoping I'd be giving him a taste of one of those biscuits I'd just made.

Happy Halloween!

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Coco - your Hound from Hades is very imprewssive, what a set of teeth!
There are no trick/treaters here in my neck of the woods,properties are far apart, no lighting, there are bears and other dangerous critters about, so the town has a Halloween party for the kids in the Community building and Boomer's Bar has a Halloween Party for grown-ups with live music and as much rowdyness as one wants.
The rest of us can either ignore the whole thing, commune with the spirits of the Departed or have a treat or two for ourselves.
My place is full of spirits - DH's ashes are buried here, so are three horses, five goats, six dogs, numerous cats, chickens and I may have forgotten one r two, if so, they shall forgive me.
We have lived here for a long time.

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jazmynsmom(Z5 Madison-ish)

I love the pic, Coco, and have a feeling I'd love the dog as well.

Jan, the "fun" never ends for you, does it? Hope Sassi recovers soon. Cataracts are only OK in that they are something that can be repaired, but I'm sure you (and Sassi and Neil) could have done without the excitement.

Dorph, that sounds like a party I'd love to go to!

It's almost 11:00 and I'm still in my PJs --- and not thinking about changing that anytime soon. My big conference is over as of last night. It went very well. I just need to tie up loose ends, but I get to start my annual 2 month hiatus from work in a month and a half, and I'm counting the days.

Tomorrow morning I'm checking in to a very peaceful place for a full day of pampering. Cleansing bath ritual, massage, swimming in a very heated outdoor pool, spa pampering, fancy lunch, unwinding with a girlfriend... heaven!

I get home just in time to have some of our Bulgarian friends over for trick or treating fun. We've known the husband for seven of the ten years he's lived in the states (6-9 months out of the year). We finally witnessed him become a citizen just last month. His wife of four years (whom we met when we were in Bulgaria a few years ago) finally got a Green Card, so she and their two year old son, who were unable to enter the US prior to this, took their first plane rides to leave their country for the first time ever two months ago. They think the boy is too young for trick or treating, so I asked them to put him in a costume and help me pass out bags of Sun Chips to the 125-ish trick or treaters I expect between 5-7 on Sunday night. (He's the only kid in their apartment building, so I doubt Halloween would be much fun there.) I thought it would be both a fun way to get acclimated to a new country, and an engaging way for the boy to practice the whole "thank you" / "you're welcome" exchange in English.

The puppy is growing so dang fast, I hardly recognized her after three days away at a hotel. I'm looking forward to getting her prepped for her first hunting trip to ND the week of Thanksgiving. No, I don't expect her to be any good, but my dad has a young pup too, and our goal is to introduce them to what is genetically destined to be their life's passion in a gradual and fun way.

So I'm vacillating between extreme excitement and extreme relaxation this weekend. And I'm excited to be extremely relaxed tomorrow...

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Michael, I love your costume ideas. We definitely need pictures, especially of Mercury!

Coco, I like your vampire dog. I had a black hellhound. Unfortunately he acted like it too and had to be relegated to the nether regions on Halloween.

Janis, I hope Sassi feels better soon. I understand how she is feeling and would growl too (having gone through the same thing a couple of month ago). Spent yesterday cat-sitting at my granddaughter's home. She has a 6 month old kitten, found at approx. 4 wks old while camping in the middle of nowhere. Catitude was neutered 3 weeks ago. On Thursday evening my granddaughter was making supper, she dropped a paring knife, cut herself, the cat took off and she rinsed off her cut, found a lot of blood on the floor, looked for the cat and the knife had pierced his left eye. Spent all night at vet eye specialist but the eye could not be saved. Poor kitten.

No more pretty leave carpet in my backyard. We are on red alert again, fire danger and were asked to remove leaves. Spent 6 hours mowing, raking, leave blowing today. More to come in the next few days.

Don't know if we get trick-or-treaters tomorrow. Some years we do, others not a soul. Not very many little kids in our neighborhood. Got the candy, my husband will take care of the leftovers (I am not allowed, boo-hoo).

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Sounds good!

Michelle, I sssoooo thought of you last night. I kept saying, this is such a Michelle-neighborhood (friendly and kid filled). I'm really settling in and missing my last neighborhood less. This, new neighborhood shuts down the street to thru traffic and the trick or treaters take over. There were neighbors grilling on their front lawn (it's a in ritzy area, so this is not an every day thing!), Don-sized spider webs replete with spiders hanging off of eaves and swings, monstrous kitties viewing he festivities from the roof of a house, even the adults were dressed up. The Justice League passed us by. Dad was Superman, with Robin, and a couple of other recognizable characters. LF was an army man and I was General A. Disorder ;) Everyone was so welcoming! Of course, the kids trick-or-treated, but more than once, a kindly neighbor offered "adult" beverages!!! In my last neighborhood, they give out "healthy" snacks. Not so here, real chocolate, the good stuff! My upstairs neighbor, and good friend, decided to give out s'mores instead of candy. That might not work other places, but here, everyone knows everyone and it went over well. I was at the other end of the block, walking, talking, interacting, when some kid bounded up to me and said, "Yea! There's a house up the street where they're giving out S'MORES!!!!" excitedly. Cute. LF and I rated it an 8 and 9, respectively, on a scale of 1-10. The weather was great too and it was the most perfect night ever.

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Halloween in my neck of the woods was very busy. Lots of kids of all ages. I remember when I went trick or treating we got stuff like candy apples and pop corn balls. I don't have kids so I don't go out any more so I have lots of fun decorating my yard instead. It is a lot of work for one night, and my parents think Im a bit odd, but thats ok. The bonus this year was I had all day Sat and Sunday to get it all done. My new pup seemed enjoy himself checking out the kids if not a little confused, thankgoodness he doesn't have teeth like your vamp doggie! In one of my pics you can see my Theo's glowing eyes. Next year Mad scientists!!!

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