Another update on Robyn----cont'd from previous post

zeffyrose_pa6b7(6b7)January 12, 2009

Well---Rick is at it again------Dec. 30 Robyn had to go to court----rick was contesting his monthly payments...Apparently he didn't like the courts decision because he is appealing the amount---this is a man who makes nice money every year.So he is taking Robyn back to court on Feb 4-----

We feel he is just doing everything he can to hurt Robyn--

Christmas was sad for Robyn------The kids are still angry with her and with us---He is doing a good job of brainwashing them---Of course he has plenty of money to spend and it hurts Robyn when she gets reports of all the good times Rick and his girlfriend are having with the three kids.

It is so painful for all of us.

Bob and I keep asking ourselves-----Is this the way we were supposed to be spending our "Golden Years"---??? NOT

I just wish it was all settled ------Rick is not cooperating with the divorce proceedings----now there is a court order for him to report his financials .

I don't understand his need to be so cruel.

thanks again for all your kind concern---

Hope everyone is doing OK and the New Year is good for all of us.


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odie96(z7b SC)

Hey Flo! I'm sorry Robyn is having so much trouble with Rick. She doesn't deserve the way she's been treated. I hope the new year will bring her love and happiness and I hope Rick gets...............well, use your imagination. LOL


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Florence, I watched a friend of mine go through H&(( over child support payments and the judge was partly in blame for delaying the whole process, I think the judge got in trouble. Point is it's difficult enough without some mean ex to cause more trouble. He must be a very miserable person and a jerk too. Tell Robyn we are hoping things go better soon.


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JUst learned that Rick has dropped his appeal for Feb 4----Maybe his lawyer has talked some sense into his head---I've been told the Judges don't care for people who keep appealing a court decision. As of now Rick makes at least 10 times what Robyn makes and he is arguing over 700 dollars-----
Jared (the 15 year old) will not answer either his mother's call or mine---Plus Rick also will not respond so I have no way of knowing how my grandson is doing----Looks like he has been completely brainwashed

It sure is a sad situation.

Robyn seems to be accepting the situation a little better----Christmas was rough on her----Hope she continues on this path

Rosemary---it was nice to see you posting---I've been wondering how you are----please call if you are not busy


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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Florence hopefully rick has found out it could get alot worse and is stopping his miserable campaign. Robyn is bound to get a break soon, she just has to. The kids will come around.


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