moodyblue(8)January 14, 2008

That'S pretty exciting Harry. I kive owls. Ours have been around for about six years, but never before. They are not even in our bird books and we thought it was a "spotted owl" which look similar, but are very, very rare. We even had them portrayed on our B&B website that we had spotted owls. Thank God after seeking a professional opinion, we realized we had mis-identified and pulled it in a hurry. Otherwise,we may have been unindated with bird watchers from far and wide.

The long eared guy is really amazing - and does have the look of a rabbit! Maybe just to make them (bunnies) feel excited that there is another bunny after them! sorta like Little Red Riding Hood! Gasp!


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I do not know how this happened guys, it should be in answer to Harry's last post on New Neibour!

I thought I was answering it, then it said I needed a subject to match my post. Thought it was strange asking that, so I put in OWLS!

It is obvious now that I must have started posting, OUTSIDE the topic in error!

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