Sinus surgery or 'washing'

carla17(Z7 NC)January 22, 2007

I have been ill since Christmas eve, no I'm always ill but I've been sick. Had a sinus scan and now doc wants me to go to ENT for a possible surgical intervention. If anyone has had any of these procedures, please weigh in. I'm on a third antibiotic, such fun.

Thank you,


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

My family shares sinus problems. My brother got fed up and went for the surgery. The procedure and aftermath was not pretty. He just had a followup procedure. I'm not sure he is ready to state he feels so much better that it was all worth it. Me, I'm too chicken.

Feel better.


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They go in with the scope and widen the entrance to the sinus. I had that one . Its easy.
However, I am sure there are more involved ones. It depends.

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Hi Carla, So sorry you have been sick with this sinus infection. I know some can be awful especially accute sinusitis which is miserable and you can be hospitalize for it. It sounds like you could have had or be suffering from this, if not chronic sinusitis. Please take good care of yourself. How confident do you feel with your ENT guy - listen to what he says, if you are unsure, then maybe a second opinion is in order. Good luck and a speedy recovery, no matter what course you take.
Pauline - VI

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Oooh! I have miserable sinus problems, so you have my total sympathy!!

Recently I took my son to an ENT for his sinuses. He's a mouth breather, and is always congested, but over the last couple of years it's gotten really bad. He's had infection after infection, and is always feeling crummy. I know he has trouble sleeping, and I thought the sinus situation was making things worse. I also thought this was making it harder for him in school, since he wakes up exhausted and falls asleep in class.

The ENT took some blood, and it turned out Max is extremely allergic to....trees. And grasses. Like all kinds. Olive trees, eucalyptus, oaks, elms and sycamores. All very prolific in California, and everywhere around where we live, work and play.

The treatment consists of giving small amounts of the allergans in injection form over several months, allowing the body to build up the necessary antibodies and permanently eliminating the allergies. We're into the second week already.

I really thought Max would have to have surgery, but it turns out the allergies were controllable. Maybe that will be what is causing all your sinus infections?

By the way, when I asked the doctor about sinus treatments, I told him about the time my mom took me to an ENT for my terrible sinuses when I was about 12. He drained my sinuses. I remember how good it felt. I said I didn't remember what the treatment was called. He said "today, we call that treatment malpractice!" Oh well.

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DH has had good luck with keeping his sinus infections at bay with a daily steroid nasal spray by prescription from an ENT. And when it gets too bad a saline solution spray (from drug store). And if he has a cold, he will use a humidifier.

He would get sinus infections every winter that would last for 2-3 months.

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My father and older brother both had to have sinus procedures. My father was congested as he put it for 25 years and went for weekly allergy shots and at 62 it all came to a halt for the most part and he regained his sense of smell and was able to breath through his nose again go figure. My sister and I both do sinus cleaning saline warm water weekly and I also use saline sinus sprays ( Ocean or Ayr) pretty much every morning just to open me up. I used to get sinusitis almost evey winter it was miserable the weekly or bi weekly saline washes helped a lot. My older brother said he's been up 1 side of Park Ave and down the other to various doctors each with different remedies hes had polyps removed but still has problems. Good luck

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