Plastic Bags

cherokee_joeshoebootMarch 28, 2013

Anyone know of a good source for large plastic bags for moving my fish. I have a number of 10" to 20" koi that I have to move and don't have bags large enough to hold them. I plan to put the bags into large storage bins for transport. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

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I use the large storage bins with no bag. Use a lid so they can't jump out and make sure air can get in.
How far do you have to go?

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It's about a three hour drive for this move. Later I'll be moving the bulk of my Koi from a different pond located in TX. Moving them to eastern KY. Long drive, usually takes me about 20 hours. not sure how I will get that done. Didn't have any problem when I took them out there but they were a lot smaller then.

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You need an air pump that you can plug into your car power outlet. I don't if anyone makes one or not.

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They do make them. Bing search 12 volt air pump. I don't know how to send a link but one address is below.

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patrick__mi__z5(z5 Mi)

When I moved mine I used a couple of igloo ice chests. The largest they make, they kept the water temp constant and the top kept the water in. For that distance and time I would definitely use an air pump to give them a shot of air.

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I use a rubber maid type of storage container. There are holes at the handle that are the perfect size for threading an air pump plastic tube thru. You can get a converter that plugs into the cigarette lighter at radio shack or walmart and plug your aquarium air pump with air stone into that. Keep the lid on and they should make the trip without any problems. I transported three 16 inch koi and four 8inch koi this way 2 weeks ago.

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