Hazy, Lazy Summer Days In Iowa

michelle_zone4August 7, 2008

A few pictures of which some were taken on a hazy morning.

The larkspur mingle with purple cone flowers by the garden gate:

From the butterfly garden:

Container grouping on the patio:

The Potager, the arbor is the one I got for my birthday for my grapevines. So now the potager has fruit, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Interesting clouds last night:

Lastly from the camping trip. Grandma had to buy Kenzie a cowgirl hat to go with our western theme. The plastic dish is her bug catching dish. She was so funny, she would pick up these big oak leaves and say she needed them for composting.

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Marian_2(Z6 ARKozarks)

Beautiful flowers Michelle, but the last one is the dearest. :-)
She gets prettier and prettier.

I want a gate like that. :-)

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woodyoak zone 5 Canada(5b)

I want to see more pottager pictures please....

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Exquisite, Michelle, the gardens, the cowgirl, and those clouds behind the corn silo (?). The potager has really grown into the paths, and the new arbor is perfect.

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Ooo La La! I love all your pictures! The larkspur is beautiful with the coneflowers and I agree with Marian, I want your garden gate.

I love your new trellis! I can also see the from the potager! I would like to see more pictures, too.

Your patio plantings are nice, too. I always like seeing what others are doing...sparks the imagination!


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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Lovely, every one! I like the larkspur and purple coneflower combo, and I have just the place to do that. Lol, I'll give you a photo credit next season ;)
The sky picture is gorgeous. I don't think I'd make it living in the city, because I love looking at the wide open sky.
That Kenzie has the most precious little face, and I love that she's got a bug box and is collecting compostables. I'll look forward to chatting with her on the Idylls in the future. I'm pretty sure she's already "one of us".

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Kenzie is so intent! I can see that little brain running, thinking of the next great thing to do. She is just beautiful.

What Hydrangea is in your butterfly garden? I've been looking for something with an open bloom and yours is stunning.


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Everything looks so nice Michelle. I especially like that first shot with the garden gate. Did I tell you I finally found one but mine is even more 'rustic' than yours, lol. Your gardens are really maturing and coming into their own this year more that ever.

Kenzie looks so much like you in that photo. She does have the heart of a true gardener I believe. Such a beautiful little girl!

I'd love to see more pictures too. Your gardens are so inspiring! Thanks.


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Michelle, what a great group of photos.I am also crazy about that gate.It is very like one that was between two areas of the back yard in the house I grew up in. Thanks for sharing these ..

Kathy in Napa

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Wonderful, wonderful!!! Thanks so much for posting these. I just love each and every picture. That gate with the larkspur and Echinacea is fantastic and that pottager is beautiful. I really love the container with that trailing begonia. Do you know the variety? I can't get over how grown up Kenzie is getting. Time is flying by.

Thanks again for sharing these. I'll come back for inspiration.


PS I really think the Idyllers have some of the best gardens anywhere.

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Thanks for the nice comments. I really should take pictures of my other 3 gates. 2 are real antiques and one is the same style as this one but newer.

Martie, the hydrangea is a PeeGee.

Deanne, the begonia is actually in the front pot and is upright. Variety is unknown as I have had it quite a few years and taken many cuttings.

Eden, I would love to see a picture of your gate.


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Here's mine Michelle. Not a great picture but if you look closely you can see a chicken wire repair job in the center that someone's done along the way.

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I used to want one of these gates and the old looped top fencing around my first garden! I found this neat website when I was trying to google....

Really neat gates, ladies!


Here is a link that might be useful: woven fencing and wire gates

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Wow! Michelle. It all looks great. Nice combos.
You really get some neat sky shots too.
How about a closer view of the new grape arbor?
I want that potager, LOL. Gardening on a hill here certainly has its drawbacks. Not enough flat area to work with. Norma

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Norma ! Hi ! We await a high-summer pond shot !

Kathy in Napa

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Michelle...this is a gorgeous group of photos! The Princess is looking very pretty. She is so cute! I agree that she seems to be taking to all things garden very well. Not all kids do, you know.

I love your garden combinations. The first photo with Larkspur and Echinacea plus isn't that a Scabiosa mixed in? Very pretty combo. Large Scabiosa, do they winter over for you? Great shot of the sky. I do love cloud photos.

The only thing better would be a tour in person. You have a lovely garden. :-)


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vtskiers(z6a CentralCT)

Michelle, I always enjoy pictures of your garden, especially the long views. Do you winter over the Euphorbia cotinifolia? I've have the hardest time finding them around here the past couple of years-no luck this year at all.

Love the gates. A couple of years ago I hauled an old iron bed frame out of someone's trash and it's been rusting behind the garage ever since. Maybe it's high time I got a little creative.

Thanks for the glimpse.


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The first pony definitely has to be a POA (Pony of America)! I can see her now with her chaps and cowgirl boots...

Beautiful, Michelle.

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I forgot to answer your question Sue about the Euphorbia cotinifolia. I have overwintered this one 2 years. I haven't had good luck with take cuttings or finding it locally.

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