Physical Therapy Arrrgh

labrea_gwJanuary 2, 2007

So Pat Austin needed a little trim as did La France a few others nothing much for a New Years Eve afternoon. As the Ball dropped I groaned on the couch the back was out yet again I tried going back to work today I could'nt sit. The Orthopedists office faxed me a new script for pysical Therapy for degenerative disc disorder I did'nt go during the Summer when I should have. I start next Thurs morning at 8 AM. 4 to 6 weeks 3 times a week. What to do what to do go on disability for that period or try to work out a work schedual.

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Im sorry you are in pain Joe. Just be guided by how you feel and what your physio says. If they say you should rest between treatments then forget work. Put yourself first. (go on disability/ take sick leave or whatever you need to do ) the most important thing is to get better!
Once you are well again you will be in a better position to deal with work issues.
Get well first.

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Thank You Pam yep I always put me first it's a tricky thing in that I start jury duty a week later. My regular primamry care doctor said he would do whatever I asked him to do. SO I guess it's a matter of not feeling paranoid about making a decision and stiking with it.

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If necessary can your primary care doctor give you a medical certificate to excuse you for jury duty?
Hey , say hello to Wihlamena for me !!

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I know there will be so many people that will say, I have the same problem, and I do. Since I was about 35 and my mum before me. My worst bout after many bouts of back going out, or should I say the bulging or slipped disk when I have had up to three weeks at a time off work, was two years' ago.

I finally feel my back is strong, yet I hardly have any of "some" discs left according to Xrays, osteoarthritis, degenerative and more ugly things, but I feel great and erect and I owe it to a good daily walk which has strenghtened my muscles to cushion the discs and whatever is going on inside, I do not feel it!! I hope others can learn something from this.

....but right now Joe, you are in accute pain. I do not think physios work on you when the pain is accute, they usually wait until it subsides a bit, but YES, take time off and rest particularly in it's accute phase. I remember foolishly, always feeling so guilty when I worked and went back sooner than I should have, when I was supposed to be off for two weeks, the next time which was very soon after, it was for three weeks. So you have to do what YOUR body tells you. If it is still very testy, then you are not ready. Good luck - I really feel for you, but it makes me feel all the better for keeping up with the walking. Take good care.
Pauline - VI

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I hate to hear this.

PT will probably want you to medicate yourself before sessions to an extent sufficient enough to allow them to do all their range-of-motion exercises.

Keep us posted.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Joe, sorry to hear about your back. Pam is right, you have to think of yourself first. Good luck.


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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

So sorry Joe! I hope you feel better fast. I have never had back problems, but know lots of people who do. They get better if they take the time they need to get better. You will be in my thoughts.

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Thanks folks....! Yep went saw my primary care DR today he wrote a note and voila I'm out till February 15. I see the orthopedist Monday just to cover all bases. I hate this mind of mine never have found the off switch for woe and anxiety just never came with this model. Now all I have to do is give Jury duty a note to get me out of that. One up note I have tickets for Julie Taymors production of The Magic Flute Monday night at the Met hope I'll be able to sit for 3 hours......Ouch!

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Susan Serra

Awwwwwww. sorry to hear of your pain and woes!! I was thinking of you, as we were in the city last week, but DH had a stomach virus for like 3 details. I've had back pain where I looked i the mirror and my waist was actually abnormally twisted. had to lay on the floor with my legs up on a chair for relief. That helped! Well, get better before real pruning time, even though I know you start pruning at any time.Get all the notes you need to get! :-)

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Glad to hear that is all sorted out , and I hope you will be fine for the Magic Flute. I kn ow what you mean about trying to find an off switch for the anxiety button! LOL
Anyway here is the lady in question with her appologies for hurting your back!

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

My condolences, Joe! Definitely don't do anything to aggravate it - including work! - if there is the chance of worsening it. Hey, the trooper thing loses its effect unless you come out of it lucky and strong: a dirty little secret nobody tells you! It's smart, not lazy, to listen to the docs... repeat 10 times when you feel guilty resting!

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You sure have my sympathy---I think you remember what I've been through with my back---I couldn't walk at all till I had surgery last year----The surgery was successful however the bad news is that the rest of my back is just as old as the part that was fixed.--I have to be very careful---Probably will not be doing much gardening again--I'm quite a bit older than you so I have more wear and tear on my back.---these bodies of ours can be tricky. JUst do what is best to get well.

Thinking of you.


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I saw the Orthopedist in MAY he shrugged "I've seen people with worse MRI's who feel no pain and surgery would'nt really help this but it is producing pain for you" that was his comment. The chiropractor also predicted what the MRIS would look like and said the same thing. The MRIS say There is a decrease in height in alsmost all this would be normal for my age & protrusion L4-5 with annular tears no fluid extruded just that a protrusion a few other notations about degenerative disc disease.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hey, the H*** with the MRI! It's how you feel that matters. If you're in pain, you're in pain no matter what the MRI shows. Obviously something is screwed up in there thats causing you to hurt. My friend with chronic back problems is doing pretty well now with PT, Chiro, heat, rest, careful padding of car seat and work/office chairs and lots of walking and stretching. You will feel better. I am just glad you have some time off to get well.

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Wow that orthopedist really earned his money! what a diagnostition

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

My orthopedic surgeon and the rheumatologist I saw basically said the same about my hip as your orthopedist did about your back....

From the rheumatologist after looking at the imaging - I don't know how you can walk. Me - Well, if you say so, but I can and am....

The surgeon explained it as people have different nerve distribution patterns, different pain tolerance, and while the imaging can tell them how much disease or injury is there - is doesn't begin to tell them how you feel and are functioning, that input has to come from you.

I'm glad you got a rain check on the jury duty, I can't think of a single other activity where you would sit for so many hours, and hours, and hours - while trying to concentrate and clearly absorb what is being said....pain wouldn't be helpful.

I hope you feel better soon....

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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

"No, 'tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a
church-door; but 'tis enough,'twill serve..."

I hope your PT isn't awful! I always have fun with my guys and actually enjoy it, but the drive there, etc is as painful as the moves anyway... if yours is just darned well gonna hurt anywhere too crack your jokes and have a few laughs :] Take care!

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