What plant is this?

gospotgoJune 25, 2014

Hi there, I found this forum because I need help identifying a plant that is growing in my container garden. I originally transplanted these from a friend of mine thinking they were a different type of tomato plant than the others I was taking... well, the other 5 tomato plants are really taking off and these two are not only not growing like tomato plants, they don't smell like them either. I tried tasting the leaf and it was pretty much tasteless, but the plant is obviously still young. When I took these plants from my friend's garden, they were in the same area as the tomatoes, so I assume they need the same growing conditions. I would ask him what they might be, but he is in the hospital undergoing surgery to remove cancer and I really don't think I should be bothering him with this! If anybody knows what these plants are, so I can either toss them or properly care for them, I would greatly appreciate it!! Thanks in advance :)

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weedwoman(z6 NJ)



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His wife says they don't have any chrysanthemums... haven't been able to find one online that quite looks like it, although close... anything else it could be?

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maybe Artemisia vulgaris, a perennial wildflower or weed.

That one would have an aromatic scent when rubbed or crushed (at least older foliage) and spreads slowly by rhizomes.

So if in doubt, just watch a little longer

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Well dang... waste of a pot! ;) Thanks for the responses, I will do just that and wait a little longer before evicting it for a vegetable plant!

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Carrie B(6B/7A)

Agree with Artemisia vulgaris.

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