Cats: who will be the first?

anntn6b(z6b TN)January 23, 2008

I have a (Monk-like) curse. I listen to advertisements on TV.

And the latest to grab my attention is a catfood ad for one of those hoity-toity small (and more expensive) cans and it promises "Filet mignon taste".

I have a cat who gets first dibs at kitchen scraps and the gristle off of filets reaches the cat twice a year at most. So I have a cat who might possibly recognize the filet flavor. But I really doubt that cats can differentiate between Filet flavor and chuck flavor.

(Chuckling to self) I even wonder if someone for whom I cook daily could tell the difference ....if certain gourmet cat food were to be incorporated in a pate. No, I won't. Promise.

But I am so tempted.

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jody(7b - NC)

I'm pretty sure no one in my feline crowd would know filet mignon - has to be appealing to the owners, not the cats.

However, my cats absolutely know the difference between "cat food" tuna and "human" tuna. Turn up their noses at the first and eat it only under protest.

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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

LOL Ann. My sixth grade teacher said his dad used to own a grocery. Cans without labels were brought home to feed the family. Teacher and his buddies got the great idea to feed his dad some canned dog food. Dad never did find out what the little scamps had done!

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

Ann - I'm LOL, but thinking of poor Larry, that you could even think of it - *g*!!

You know, I try real hard not to think about just what exactly it is that has been ground up to make that delightful pinkish paste when I open a can for the cats' breakfasts. And my 25 year old son cannot stand the sight/smell at all. When we're away and he is cat sitting, our 5 cats have to make do with dry food or "catch your own" as he adamantly refuses to have anything to do with any canned cat food.

I'm quite sure *he* could tell. ;-)


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Terry Crawford

I confess; I buy the good stuff for my two girls. Yes; I rushed out and bought the Fancy Feast Filet Mignon Gold for Tabby. I must say she prefers the other FF dry flavors over the Filet Mignon, but her all-time favorite is still Kit & Kabooble. Keep in mind that what she likes today she may stick her nose up at tomorrow. I also buy the heavy whipped cream in a can (none of that lite stuff) and she has some every night in her china bowl before she goes to bed. My other 17-year old black cat, Goo, only eats certain flavors of Fancy Feast wet food. With cats, I found out that if you start out expensive, there's no going backwards cheap. They would starve first if I tried to give them "substandard" food.
As a special treat, they also dine on McD chicken nuggets and Long John Silver's fish fillets once in a while. They love their greasy food fix.

I think they are prima donnas, but I love 'em. They're my babies.

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Cat food read the lable if your concerned most commercial stuff is all the same garbage with flavoring in a can and some vitamins thrown in some tuna oil to get the cat addicted. Better the cat had scraps of humasn food on ocassion.
If you have to use by products then your selling garbage in a can theres little regulation of what can be put in a can it's a self policing industry.
My vet gave me a book 20 years ago that listed what went into cat fod what was permissable, forget the rancid rendered carcasses of euthanized pets and road kill it was stuff like sawdust and rice hulls that got me and beet pulp freom one of the worlds great choclate makers who also happens to own pet food companies...... below is anoter article on pet foods. loads of carbs in catfood cats don't need all these carbs they need protein.

Here is a link that might be useful: Garbage in a can

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I really should proof read before posting!

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Please buy the best you can for your pets. They are dependent on you. I firmly believe that as they age the benefits of a better diet help them out. Also, some costly problems can be avoided with a better diet. I give my pets the diet the doctor advises them and we talk about it every year at checkup time. Plus they get fresh food from home that we share with them when we cook for ourselves. I do love watching the pets in the commercials. The last stray kitty we took in just loves pizza. Somebody must have given it to him, because the first time we brought in the box, he started meowing loudly and wouldn't quit. When we opened the box and he got a look inside, he was all over us until he got a little bit of the meat in a bowl. We had to take our party outside! I can't believe how that little kitty loves pizza!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

Cats, being who and what they are, will dictate their menu preferences. My resident feline, a rescue, has been with me for 7 years. When I met her, she was malnourished, flea-infested and had been abandoned in a box at a vet's office. She has let me know that Science Diet and Iam's are not allowed in her bowl, either as dry or canned offerings. However, she digs into the Purina ONE dry, no matter what flavor. Since she has achieved the hefty weight of 20 lbs., she is now on Weight Maintenance & Hairball Remedy formula, with certain Friskies canned served as a side dish. She is not opposed to begging for table food and has shown a preference for chicken and fish from the fast-food places. "Fats" demands the last cornflake and a dab of milk from my morning cereal. No more and no less. She will also accept the occasional Fruit Loop, but it has to be purple.

Considering the diet of a feral cat (birds, lizards, bugs, etc.), commercial food is, hopefully, a step up from garbage.

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A feral cats diet tells you what wild cats eats and its not gluten corn meal rice hulls beet pulp and rendered down diseased animals including companion animals. If your cat gets fat read the ingredients it's all the grains and they are starved for more protein. So many will reject healthy food when it's first introduced to them that it has to be done on a step by step basis. Wasn't till 1 of mine were truly sick throwing up every day losing weight dehydrated (and I was feeding it a premium vet recommended brand) that my next door neigbor told me about another vet only a few blocks from my house who was all about nutrition...this baby has'nt been sick for 4 years now. This vet also gave me some brands that werent filled with chemicals and food coloring . Anitra Frazier in The Natural Cat a Guide for Finiky Owners tells people go home a make a mouse from what you can find in the supermarkets bone meal raw meat Dr Pitcairn pretty much recommends the same kind of approach. A little meat a little bone, meal some vitamins. Ah well enough it's a subject I'm passionate about!

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farmgirl(9 NoCA)

The reason my cat is fat is because the only thing she has to hunt down is a comfy place to sleep. She tried to hunt birds but, when she tried to snag a dove out of the bird bath, she ended up in the bath. After her second drenching failure, she gave up. Much easier to stalk the food bowl and paw at me for hand-outs. I had a Himalayan on the same diet and she never weighed more than eight pounds. The Himmie did hunt but did not eat her trophies. She brought them home to share with me. I had to decline the rats and mice as they were not part of my regular diet.

If one is going to tout "healthy" pet food, then perhaps one should provide the pet with natural food items. Mice, rats, lizards and birds are available at pet stores or you could raise your own feeder stock. I have yet to see fresh bone meal offered at any supermarket meat counter. What is available is in the garden department and it is highly processed. The only fresh meat item that comes close to fulfilling your "recipe" would be chicken wing tips, altho a low-grade ground beef has enough bone and gristle in it to qualify. If these items are not organic, then odds are they have antibiotics and hormones in them.

BTW: My cat loves to graze on wheat grass sprouting beneath the bird feeder and the occasional nibble of cat thyme. That could satisfy the vitamin requirements. A stroll thru the spearmint leaves her smelling "minty-fresh".

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Labrea, I remember reading once that a serving of fresh chicken has more taurine than the average mouse. /Abi

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

I have 4 barn kitties, I feed them the best dry food I can find, IIAMS and theyhunt down the mice, moles, chippies and what ever else they can catch. I't their job and I haven't seen a live mouse nor mole in years.



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