Frozen Roses

plantnsee123January 17, 2007

I purchased 20 rose bushes in the plastic bags with minimal soil covering the roots last Thursday in Las Vegas, NV. We put themin boxes and placed them on the table in our smaller RV which we were staying in for the weekend. On Sunday, we headed home to Caliente, NV, When we got home, I didn't think I could plant them because we are in a deep freeze and there is snow on the ground right now, so I stored the rose bushes in the garage of our larger RV and wrapped them with an old comforter to keep them from freezing. Well, today, Wednesday, I went to the RV to check on them and they were frozen. I am crushed. I put a portable heater in the garage of the RV and now I am here on line hoping someone can make me feel better by telling me that they will survive. Will they survive or should I start crying now?

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Were they all dormant, no growth at all on the canes? I don't know if I'd be thawing them out by heater especially if you can't plant them yet. Someone better than me may be able to tell you different but I wouldn't be doing that.

You want to keep them cool until you can plant them and keep the roots moist so they don't dry out. Rose plants can be stored in a cool, not frozen place, for a week or 10 days even longer if you've got a place like fridge space, probably your garage if it's that cold. Keep the top of the plastic wraps open, the roots moist and don't store the roses in direct sunlight. If you have to store the plants longer, however, completely unpacking them and heeling them in is best if your ground is too frozen to plant someone in your zone or knows how to deal with bare roots and frozen ground can help.

I've still got mine soaking because my freeze surprised me and they broke dormancy and I'm waiting for it to get above freezing to plant.

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Plantnsee this is the conversation area of the forum where sometimes people don't post for awhile. You should go over to the rose forum and post your thread there and get plenty of advice what to do for your roses and your zone. I'm just concerned that you get the best advice and I'm not your expert you're looking for, just trying to help you out.

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They'll probably be just fine. I agree with not thawing them out. Just let them be.


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Are yours bareroots? If so, hopefully being in cold storage would have prepared them for this.

If it helps... My roses in my coldframe freeze down into the mid 20's, and then during the day it goes up to highs of 70. The pots freeze *hard* and thaw out. However, they survive, are green, they have small leaves, and a couple of them are trying to bloom.


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