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sheila(WA7)October 30, 2010

I'm watching the Comedy Central/John Stewart/Stephen Colbert Raly. It hasn't been on very long, at the moment great Bill Withers sung by John Legend. Excellent entertainment so far - right on m computer (or tv).

Here is a link that might be useful: Restore the Sanity

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Sheila, thank you! I checked on TV, this morning, but guess it was too early. Now, it looks as though I'll be watching the computer most of the afternoon!!

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I liked that this show was available to people who didn't have the Comedy Channel. I thought the music was great...from rap to Sheryl Crowe to Cat Stephens and Ozzy Osbourne Overall I thought the show was pretty funny (although a bit lame here and there) but I mostly liked that on a sunny day in Washington DC so many people showed up to affirm the positive message of getting along with each other in our diversity in this pretty amazing Nation.

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