One week out of school

sammy zone 7 TulsaJanuary 19, 2007

One week today out of school!!!! We let out early last Friday, and still have ice. The ice was so thick that the snow removal equipment couldn't move it, so they brought in machines to chop it so they could clear the roads. For an entire week our yards, driveways, everything has been coated with ice.

Yet some cities have not had electricity, so I know I should not complain. That fact won't stop me because I have not been able to go anywhere for a week. We did dare to go to a store and a few places, but I must hold on carefully since it is so slick. Parking lots and shopping centers are very slick. Convenience stores that sell gas have gotten their lots clear, but even large grocery stores are icy.

Tomorrow the forecast is for 2-5 inches of snow and sleet. It was 6-9 inches, but they have reduced it. The fact is that nobody knows what is going to happen.

Our school factors in 3 snow days, but now we have had 6 (Monday was a holiday.) We are being told that all of this will have to be made up. Whenever it will be made up will be in the spring when I can get outside.

I have never realized how much I count on being outside everyday. I always walk the dogs besides working, and gardening. This has been terrible. Today I sorted catalogs, and threw out many, I cleaned the kitchen and rec room floors and cleaned the bathroom. We watched 2 moveies, and I worked about 4 sudokus.

So, how is your weather?


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pete41(9ab FL.)

perfect-almost anyway-was rainy one day

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it has been a week here, for ice, not much snow..but it has made the entire yard, a mud pit...and I need to go out and check on has been too cold. The last couple of days it has been just rain..but we are predicted to have some snow loss of power which I am very thankful for..
I have a bunch of newly rooted roses that are in a small greenhouse (no
heat, it is too small)I wonder how they are doing?)
I bet my Gallicas will do well this year!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Melva, I hope yours are ok. Pete, it looks like Florida is one of the few states that have not been badly hit.

Our 6-9 inches of ice, sleet, and snow turned into a little drizzle with temps no lower than 30. The streets are clearing, and I can even walk outside. I love a vacation from school, but a summer or spring one. Now they say that all days must be made up, and I hope they do not intend to touch our spring break. I also don't want to touch the June days we are out.

I do feel for those in California who have lost so much.

I usually don't fear losing power because for much of a day our temps are often over 30. We have gas into our fireplace, and could just gather in the living room with the dogs. But some people about 40 minutes from here have been out of power for a week, and have had temps that are very low. Even if there are shelters, I doubt if they take animals, and it could be a problem for us to leave our dogs alone in the cold.


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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

The weather here? The house is becoming absolutely immaculate. That should tell you.

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

We had a few days out of school ourselves, but are back again now. Mostly it was frozen rain that made the roads slick. This morning is is cold again, but no rain. It was 27 when I walked Freddy this morning and he couldn't wait to get in and lay on my bed while I was showering. Hope you all are surviving. This frozen rain and snow in the south is so difficult.


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