dogs doing there duty on my lawn

john_az(5)January 11, 2007

I would like to know how I can keep dogs from doing there duty on my lawn.I would like to know of a way to discourage them from this. I don't want to hurt them just make them stay away.I was thinking of spraying with ammonia,weed killer,or insecticide.any ideas or remedease ?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Is the problem the dogs off of a leash or the owners?

Many people need to be taught that they have to clean up after their dogs. If the problem is the owner, you might ask them if they would carry a plastic bag with a paper towel in it. You also might even put a black bucket by your mailbox for them to put it in, if that would be appropriate.

I have watched, and when "sweet" people - old or young, stop in front of my house, I tell them "No, not here". Take the dog somewhere else. You might not feel comfortable doing that, but that is the best solution.

Stray dogs or dogs that have run off are not that common here, but I don't think you can do much about that. I don't think there is anything you can put on your lawn that wouldn't be more harmful to you than to discourage a dog.


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carla17(Z7 NC)

If it's on a leash, spray the owners

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Ammonia & such are poisonous, some of them can cause nerve damage, & some can blind a dog.

Even in non-toxic doses, they'll cause excrutiating pain & the dog likely won't connect the torment with bathroom priveleges.

If you want to spray, use a bottle of water, & yell "No" in a deep, stern voice, as near to the bark of a dominant, alpha dog as you can manage.

This tells dogs that you are the big dog in that yard, it's your territory, & they better go mark territory somewhere else.

For those times when you can't catch them in the act, you can spritz your "attractive" spots, such as mailboxes & tree trunks, with hot pepper spray.

Just grind cayenne or other very hot pepper, pour boiling water over it, allow it to cool, & put it in a spritz bottle.

Keep the unused mixture in the fridge, spray the dogs' favorite areas, & re-apply as needed.

Best luck.

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I'm a dog owner, but I'm one of the responsible ones who cleans up after her dog. But I have no way of stopping my dog from going on any particular lawn. The dog picks the spot and I just have to clean it up. If you have a problem with a certain owner than talk to them about their dog. If it is an off-leash dog and you don't know the owners then call the humane society. It is against the law in most cities to have a dog off-leash. If this is a neighborhood wide issue, then have a neighborhood society put up posts with plastic bags and garbages attached. This worked very well in my old neighborhood to encourage more dog owners to pick up after their pets as they had a ready supply of clean-up materials and a place to throw it away.

Whatever you do, don't try to poison the dog. Even a water spray can be dangerous with an unknown dog as it may act agressively. There are deterrents that can be sprayed in certain areas similar to a hot pepper spray, but I don't know how effective they would be. Look for a rabbit/deer repellent and it will say if those work on dogs or cats too.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

John, I was joking when I wrote what I did. Although some owners probably need sprayed. I have enough poo in my yard already without visitors.


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onewheeler(Z5 N.S.)

Now that I live in town I carry a bag in my coat pocket all the time. I try to walk my dog in a spot where he can do his business and the clean up will be done quickly and not on someones lawn, but every once in awhile he will fool me, I find it embarrassing and would hope no one would come and holler at me, especially while I am cleaning up after him. If I knew of something other than walking my dog in another area what would stop him from doing it on a lawn I would buy it! LOL Good luck, hope you find something.


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low fences work very nice. lets people know too that your yard is not a poop stop. One of my friends walks his dogs in the street and they don't feel tempted to use others gardens. I like dogs but don't have one. Dogs cant help sniffing where other dogs have gone before. The low fence discourages this and you dont have to feel bad anymore.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

There's a granulated stuff you can buy at big box stores that works really well, but you have to keep applying it every few days. It's called something like "dog-off". If you want to get tough a motion-detector device that sprays a blast of water, 'Scarecrow' is the brand name I think--works well, works well on cats, too.

If it's on a leash, spray the owners

Or spay them, maybe?

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I heard of a simple mixture you can create in your kitchen with basic household items. Mix a bottle of mouthwash - minty flavor, with 1/2 bottle of cayenne pepper, and 1/2 bottle of menthol body rub (tube or tub kind). Buy these items at the Dollar Store! Theirs work fine! Mix the items together thoroughly, and pour it around the perimeter of your yard. It won't spray well because of the menthol rub, so don't bother to ruin a spray bottle. Just pour it. Also, pour some exactly on top of wherever you pick up some poop! This will mask the odor so another dog can't locate that pile and use it to motivate his bowel movement. If you buy about $20 worth to start, you can keep a constant dosage on your lawn, and catch most of the spots that they are smelling, that trigger their bowel movement. Some of the spots may be urine, and are harder to spot. Keep it up, and eventually the quantity will reduce. I also spread moth balls around the bottom of any bushes that have been urinated on. The moth balls will eventually dissolve as you water the lawn, but it lasts a week or so, and can also be purchased at a Dollar Store! If you have plenty of time, you can roll up about 5 mothballs in a piece of wax paper, and staple the ends to hold it shut. Place these around bushes and it will keep the water from dissolving the mothballs. The mothballs will still eventually dissolve from the humidity, but they last longer this way. You do have to make sure to pick up the wax paper before you mow the lawn, or you'll have quite a mess. And sometimes I spread red pepper flakes around near a location where I found poop or urine. The red pepper flakes don't wash away as quickly as the cayenne. Sadly, the owners of these dogs will keep walking in the same areas, and you will have to keep up this routine until you can afford to put thorny bushes or a nice fence! Using these recipes does help!

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

On a slightly different note, would this offend anyone or am I being overly sensitive:
A neighbor has started walking her dog this past month, and she stops to let it pee/poo in everyone's front yard. Mind you, she has a yard of her own. We all have about 1/4 acre in the back, and she has the largest front lawn of all of us. She does carry a bag with her to pick up "The Bizness".

We aren't dealing with apartment dwellers. I see no reason why my dog (or anyone else's) needs to go ballistic on a twice-daily basis because she's walking hers into our yards. I asked her nicely on Sunday to keep her distance from my dog. Ours is a Chow-Newfie mix, and hers is a wee poodle-type dog. Mine would consider hers a Scooby snack.

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What about the neighbor who doesn't leash their dog and the dogs urine ruins all of your plants? We have talked to the neighbors and get "its not hurting anything".

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It's a constant battle for me. Last year, four-legged strangers decided to bring in lawn disease into my curb strips. Their master's don't give a hoot either. Out of one side of their face they complement you on a beautiful lawn and landscape, and the next thing you know they let their pets do their thing where ever they please! If I'm there to see it, they get an earful, especially those I've asked politely, again and again. I have this little old lady who drives me bonkers too. When I am outside, she purposesly crosses the street and her dog does it's business at the edge of the woods = perfect place. When she thinks I'm not, right back to my front lawn! Heaven forbid your white fuzz ball gets dirty paws! I wish I could find something really effective and harmless to the animals. I spend most of my time in the air, and when I am home I'm all about my beautiful KBG lawn. I don't appreciate others taking advantage of me for the benefit of their pets! The four-leggers cost me 800 sq ft of KBG last year thanks to red thread they brought in with them from down the street!

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