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michaelalreadytakenFebruary 2, 2008

It's looks like my step daughter and S-I-L may be off to Australia.

They're weighing the job he's been offered.

He's involved in theater design and has been globetrotting the past few years, mainly to London, where the company he works for was honored by Queen Elizabeth and the PM. OK...

I'm not sure they want to leave NYC and there was a question of what she would do. She's an accountant and manages several departments for a company in Connecticut. As it turns out, the company has now offered her a job too if they accept the offer.

I guess, if it were me, and it isn't, that I'd have left already. :)

Oh well.

So? What is it really like to live in Australia?


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Hey. You were missed dear one! Can't tell you about down under but good to see you.


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aprille(z9 CA bay area)

Michael, my sister lives in Melbourne - I've also got some aunts and uncles and cousins there. They love it. My Aunts and families moved there when the kids were very young so the cousins just grew up there. My sister moved there about 8-9 years ago and is now a citizen, she just loves Melbourne. It's got a good night life and lots of things to do according to her. We visited a few years ago and liked it. Where in Australia will they be going to? Sydney is supposed to be really nice too - we visited Adelaide and I liked it better there. Lots of vineyards (DH's cousin had her wedding at a vineyard there that we attended), beautiful architecture etc. It's a nice country with really friendly people. They might like it there.


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...........and I missed you too. Hope you received my e-mail. Also have friends living in Perth and Sidney who love it too. We always planned on going to visit, but I cannot see it happening, yet!

Anyway, still a difficult situation with your step daughter and SIL - her career seems at it's height - so hard for her!

.........and if they do take this on, then you will get your chance to visit, hee,hee! I know, the thought of the flight may be nerve racking, but you will do it. :)

Nice to see you back again MAT! :)
Pauline - Vancouver Island.

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Pam Younquinn is in Melbourne

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Sorry for being tardy with replies but it seems that they're still weighing decisions. I'll post back when I know something more.


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diane_nj 6b/7a

From my brief visit, Sydney reminded me of Boston or Philly (not quite NYC). Lots of financial institutions (and a Krispy Kreme!). Being from a big city, I liked it a lot. Lots to do, restaurants, clubs, beaches, hiking, biking.

I didn't get to see much of Melbourne city proper, but the city was also on the large side, lots of activity. The "suburbs" were really nice. My friends live in one about a 40 minute train ride from Melbourne, overlooking a bay and near a beach. The wineries in Victoria are plentiful, and I liked the chocolatier and the Red Hill Cheese Shop (cafe and shop). Lots of nice sightseeing, especially if they like hiking and biking (EVERYONE was on a bike, it seems, riding past my friends' house).

What my friends aren't so use to are the expense and not having the local big grocery store 1 mile away (they have some small shops within walking distance, but no bodegas on the corner). The people were really nice. We couldn't find horseradish for cocktail sauce (their version of "cocktail sauce" has mayonnaise). But you can find all kinds of coffee!

Prawns on the barbie... ;-))

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