Last Night's adventure

lilosophieOctober 23, 2012

There were showers and sunshine all day, cool, but not cold.

Time to go to Joann's for dinner, wind began to blow, clouds began to roll in, rain-drops fell. Gussie wasn't screwing around as usual, she was ready to come inside and hop on the sofa.

By the time we ate, it was pouring and got pretty dark, so I skipped the last glass of wine to get myself home. Walking up the driveway, saw flashes of lightning and the thunder came rolling in. Gussie was starting to freak, tried to make it onto the front-deck, but I told her we need to put the chickens up, and her sense of duty overrode her panic at the thunder. Rain coming down sideways and in sheets, thunder rumbling and lightning cracking, it was quite a walk, same distance as usual, but seemed much longer.

Drenched, got out of wet clothing and made doggie-kitty dinner, all were nervous, Taffy was holed up somewhere, called, but he didn't respond. He showed up much later, damp, but not soaked. Smart cat.

Joann showed up a bit later, thunderstorm had left, but returned for a an encore wile she was walking up the goat-hill, highest point, carrying hay and her umbrella,

she was fortunate that the lightning was busy elsewhere.

We waited out the storm, having another glass of wine, the one we skipped earlier.

Eventually it turned into just ordinary rain, Joann went home, I turned on the computer, visited FB for a bit, shut computer off, banked fire and went to bed.

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WOW sounds like quite an evening.

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Lilo, you and Joann are real troopers! I think i would have been tempted to spend the rest of the night -- either one of you -- at the other's place. Guess it's easy to tell I don't have outside animals that have to be cared for, no matter what. That's the way it is with my niece. who has 15 horses and ponies. They have to be fed and watered and stabled, no matter the weather!

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mwheel, Joann and I have days when we cook together or for both of us, not every night, that's too scheduled, but I usually make dinner on the days she works, she gets home fairly late then, and we eat at my house and she cooks Monday and Thursday and I eat at her house.
With thew time change it will be dark when dinner-time comes around, no matter what and we are used to these heavy rains (thunder and lightning not so much) When I have to go out to her place when it is dark, I plan to take my fanny-pack loaded with my phone and I have a good flashlight (have extra batteries), rain-gear when needed, it is all part of living here

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Wow, it sounds like you had a wild and woolly night. We got the rain but not the thunder and lightning.
Glad everything turned out ok.

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One of those nights where my only animal looks for the lowest level of the house and hides. Walking in a storm is ok, but when lightning is around - I learned the hard way.

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