Pictures from this morning...(very pic heavy!)

lmcilhargieAugust 23, 2007

Here's some pics of the new paver area and some other stuff too:) (The tub will soon become my bog garden.)

This is the older paver section just through the back garden gate...

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Driveway salvias...

Deck stuff...

Back patio...

Front deck...

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Oh Eden, it's just SO pretty! When I look at the shots I can't even believe I'm looking at MICHIGAN. You are a wonder and the newly paver-ed area is beautiful. I LOVE those pink chairs, they're great; so summery with the white table and plant stands.

I want to see the container with the creepy little guy in it, too... (if you please).

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deanneart(z5Southern NH)

Oh Eden!!!! I just love every little bit of this! Marvelous! I really like the hibiscus on the trellis. What a great idea. What is that feathery looking plant next to the banana? Also, how are you going to set up that bog garden? and what will you plant in it? I'd like to make a boggy area on the top of the hill in the upper terrace where I'm growing ligularia. They never have been really happy there because I can't keep it wet enough.

Is that 'Black Scallop' Ajuga in the pots in that last pic? and what is that big pink container in front of the table?

So now you need to confess, how many pots do you actually have? I do believe you have me beat. LOL


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Chelone, he's in pic #5 down in the left corner, looks kind of like Mary's coffee bean guy there, lol. Here's a close up shot just for you. I moved some leaves so you could see his saggy parts. I hope he makes you smile:)

Deanne, the feathery plant is eupatorium capillifolium 'elegant feather'. I wasn't expecting it to get quite that tall. That ajuga is Caitlin's Giant I believe. The pink container is something I picked up at the flea market years ago. I think it might be an old baby tub? As for the bog garden I have a friend who's into growing pitcher plants and they're really beautiful and need to be somewhere where their seen up close. So I thought the tub would be good for that. Here's a picture of my friends bog garden to give you an idea

and here's another one that I ran across and saved, don't know who it belongs to

I just love them. Plant Delights has many sarracenia to choose from too.

As for how many pots? I don't know. I haven't counted this year. I like to think less than last year but that's questionable:) I couldn't possibly have more that you, could I???


Here is a link that might be useful: Sarracenia

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Ewww! he's just as creepy as I recall, Eden. ;)

(and lemme tell ya he needs a yellow Speedo, he reminds me of the elderly summer visitors from Quebec that populate the beaches in my area, lol,). Wendy will back me up on that one.

Now which pot is he in in the 5th. picture? No wait... YEAH! got a bead on 'im... . Bingo!


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Eden, everything is so lush and lovely!

Except for the guy with the saggy bits.........that is just 'oh so wrong in so many ways'! ;o)

I love seeing the beauty you've made around your home.

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Eden, always nice to see someone who has more pots than I do !I just love a garden where there is lots to look at , and yours more than fits the bill.Wonderful ! Whats that cool looking round iron thing behind the castor bean ?
I've decided the creepy guy looks like Angela Lansbury.
Kathy in Napa

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Very pretty Eden. You have some wonderful collections, and you know how to showcase them. Can't wait to see what you do with the bog garden.

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T, you don't like my little man???

Kathy, the round iron piece is just a something I found at Homegoods.

Deanne, here's a link I'm following with instructions on how to set up a bog. Great idea for the ligularia but I don't know if you'd set it up for that the same way. Last fall I moved my l.prezwalski right behind my fountain. It's always wet there from the water splashing out and the ligularia seems happy there. I also put my rodgersia in that area.


Here is a link that might be useful: how to make a bog

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Angela Lansbury, LOL! you're killin' me, Kathy. :) !!

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Chelone, you must admit I have a valid point ! Especially if you go to the B***h roles from 50's 40's,and The World of Henry Orient.And with the right hair-do and a little heavy make-up it's Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd.

Eden , unfortunatly I googled Homegoods and went to storefinder and I'll be damned if they aren't in Vacaville, about 30 minutes away. Jeesh!

Kathy in Napa

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Oh my gosh Kathy, you're right!

Great news about Homegoods too!


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Eden, you may never view the creepy guy the same way again ! He needs some lipstick.

Kathy in Napa

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OMG you guys are making me laugh! Angela Lansbury!!!!It's the jowls ; ) [Chris is laughing right now...I think he agrees] He thinks Betty Davis(!)

Eden I LOVE all your plants! I have to go back later and absorb your groupings-but I'm amazed at how much you have-that banana tree really sets off the jungle look: ) seem to be trying all the things I've thought about trying...that tub bog is going to be fun to see later.

Gotta go


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That new patio is just gorgeous! You and Brad do great work :)

Your pot collections are amazing, and the tour was a nice treat for me on a cool morning when I'm starting to rip things out here.

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Wow, its just all so amazing Eden. I would just love to peek into each one of those pots to see whats in them. I also just love your front porch. I remember your silver tea set from last year and just love it with the pink and white. You are so creative!


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