So, my buddy Clarice sends me this email...

michaelalreadytakenFebruary 20, 2007

My buddy Clarice sends me this email about the new Zodiac film coming out in March.

Goody, goody! Slurp.

So, industrious Googler that I am, I immediately set about refreshing my memory on San Francisco's Zodiac killer--who was never caught.

Mistake. ;)

It turns out that I drive past a couple of his crime scenes on a daily basis.

As if that weren't bad enough ;) --I make the mistake of mentioning it to a couple of people at work--one of whom takes me down the hall to a window and says: You see that spot right over there?

If I tell you that I was still pressing the power door lock buttons even after I was on the freeway doing 70--

ROFL at myself.

Somewhere around the 680 interchange in Fairfield, it occurred to me that I was, in fact, driving a SUV and that a serial killer could potentially be hiding in the cargo area behind the back seat.

You know how it goes:

Cerebellum: Now Michael, it's been over thirty years ago and you're behaving like an idiot.

Medulla Oblongata: No, no, he's hiding in the cargo area this very second and he's just waiting for you to exit the freeway and pull up to a traffic light so he can pop you. Really, he is! You'll see soon enough--(Looks in rearview mirror for hundredth time)


I know I've checked every door and window lock in this house a million times.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

We use to go by the Lake B---------- on our wine runs and never knew it was connected to the Zodiac case.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

Well, I slept with the garage door open all night and nothing bothered me. LOL
You really shouldn't let these little things get to you Tony.


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michelle_co(z5 CO)

I understand. We lived very close to a park in Seattle where Ted Bundy killed a woman. :-( It was kinda scary.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Little terrors creep in and multiply. At least in my world. I hope your head clears, lol.

I rented an apartment in college. My shrink, Mom and 2 folks at work all said "Isn't that the one in the paper with that guy and that girl?" "Huh?"


The story progressed and I found myself steeling up and asking for reduced rent. Landlord sighed relief and knocked off sixty bucks a month. Cool!

Further murmurs from friends... more of the story told, months later.

I scrubbed the blue bathtub whitish with industrial cleaners. I am a logical, tough chick. No problem.

Still, bathtime had unspeakable visions dancing through my head. The walls had paint that allowed bleedthru with repeated humidity.

I am not a totally logical, tough chick. I moved. Too creepy is too creepy, IMHO.

Hope you can drive a different way, lol!

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jody(7b - NC)

I dated a police officer who went absolutely beserk when he discovered the overhead light in my car didn't come on when I opened the door. He fixed it right THEN. And then I got the whole lecture on standing behind the door when I open it - so there is a door between you and a potential attacker and then checking the backseat, cargo area, whatever. So now I do an automatic check of my vehicle.

If I think about it and I haven't checked, I do exactly the same thing, freak a little, talk myself out of it and then freak a little again.

Funny, I don't lock doors at the house - but then Felco wouldn't let anyone in anyway.

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We need Felco photos.


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

Great way to fight insomnia, this thread - NOT. I bet I spent two hours trying to see if Google had anything on the old place. Aaack.

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carla17(Z7 NC)

All I know is Jake Gyllenhaal can make any murderer look better. LOL. I wish you could see it with me MAT.


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I used to take my students down to Lake Herman Road for driving lessons, my students had some crazy stories about the Zodiac, didn't bother me any though.

I also used to take my dog to Lake Berryessa a lot when we were living in AC, I sure do miss that place.

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michelle_co(z5 CO)

Meredith! OMG!!! I thought your story was no big deal until you mentioned bleedthru. SCREEEAM!


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meredith_e Z7b, Piedmont of NC, 1000' elevation

My exact reaction one night in the tub after the denial wore off. I can certainly say that I wished I hadn't previously learned which kind of velocity bloodsplatter meant what.

It was really a sad story though... dude's girlfriend overdosed overnight originally and he went insane the next day or so, for that week and forever since :( My most macabre tale, I'm sure, and peace to everyone involved too.

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ok, so anybody ever had a close encounter of the really freaky kind?/ I have never been attacked physically, but while in Columbia SC once, I was at a car wash near the college. This dude materialized out of nowhere and started asking me if I liked bargains, cus some people nearby 'were moving and had to sell everything'. I told him great, cus *I* was moving to the area and needed everything and would meet him at the address... THEN he started telling me that the place was in a basement... I felt the hairs on my head stand up and moved to keep the car between us while he talked... next thing I knew, he was gone, as quickly and silently as he had appeared! I dove into the car, locked all the doors and drove away going wheee whee whee all the way home!!! reminded me a WHOLE bunch of the Bundy stories, except it was in the mid-1980's and I think Bundy was behind bars by then...

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It has always amazed me the way that these types can appear out of nowhere--by magic.

I've had it happen to me in New Orleans, in Kenner, LA, in Los Angeles--and a couple of times out here in broad daylight.

One second there's nobody within three hundred feet--the next second someone's in your face.

What troubling "skill" is that and where do they learn it?


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