A big shout out Good morning

carla17(Z7 NC)February 20, 2007

Good Morning everyone! For those in the winter dumps, sorry. I am living on a promise of spring and open windows. Don't get so down that you shave your head!

Let's see I've just been to the doctor for the 6th time in a month with daughter now having poison ivy. Really bizarre.


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pete41(9ab FL.)

mornin everyone-

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kathwhit(z8, West OR)

Hi all: Pouring rain as usual here in the lovely Pacific NW. But Saturday was sunny and warm and I got all my 38 roses pruned. Yay!

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Good morning.
The cats have chosen to sleep in, yet again. I went on wunderground to see if sunlight was within a drive-able distance. 'Twasn't.
I made a chowder for lunch made of onions, carrots, celery, some ham stock and chopped up ham from the shank end of a big old ham and half and half and featuring 2 cups of corn cut off of cobs that were given to us when a neighbor decided to buy a different freezer and needed to clear out the old one. (Silver Queen corn...come on spring.)

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Yummy Ann!

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morz8(Washington Coast Z8b)

May I shout out Good Afternoon? Sort of?

It's storming and blowing just like yesterday, Sunday, Sat afternoon, not a 'good' afternoon. Wind, heavy rain, hail.....I want Spring.

Why does my lawn think it is Spring - it needs to be mowed and it's too darned wet.

On the happy side, the shellfish certainly are good here this time of year. DH cooked another 26 live crab on Friday, no - not all for us but we've been OD'ing on crab and razor clams for 5 days. I even called this morning and moved my checkup with my endocrinologist out a few weeks on the chance I'm loading up with iodine :)

Carla, I've never seen poison ivy...Can you get poison ivy in February?

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Good morning everyone! Woke up to birds singing :) does this mean spring is around the corner?

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rozannadanna(8 TX)

Morning everyone

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Good morning woke up to 42 degrees hey beats 20 and 6 mourning doves outside my window on the fire escape looking to be fed.

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