I waltzed across Delaware,Yesterday

pete41(9ab FL.)February 5, 2007

Or could have if I still lived where I grew up.The narrowest part was nine miles[that was a couple of miles south of our house].Yesterday I did a nine and a half mile sunday morning walk.Fran and I did another couple miles in the afternoon.

My point is that it would have been unthinkable when I was a kid.Anything more than a mile and we called the folks or hitched a ride.People talk about how lazy we have become but I don't recall people walking any more then.As teenagers we lived for the time we could get cars.

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was it all uphill through the snow?? LOL at the changes as we age - I rode my bike everywhere as a kid and now drive the same distance without a second thought. Spoiled, I guess.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

Until I was old enough to drive, I rode my bicycle all over town and outside of town too. And I remember actually running home from school--just for the sheer pleasure of running in the wind. After I got a car, I used to move the car from store-to-store when I shopped down town--how lazy can you get! Then shopping malls came along--car way out somewhere in a crowded parking lot and me walking and walking from shopping mall store to shopping mall store, up and down several levels. Strange--that is about the only good thing I can think of about shopping malls--forced us to get more exercise than many of us were used to. LOL

I do admire your 10 mile hikes, Pete, but don't think my hip is up to it any more. Sigh.


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There was'nt always a lot to do in the Summer growing up we did a lot of walking and I still do back permitting. Only problem was once we hit being teens a group of 4 or 5 walking together always drew suspicious looks in The Bronx or opportunities to be chased by other groups of teens when passing through the their neighborhoods (territories). Won't be walking more than a half mile today to and from PT it is coooooold out there!

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If it stays this cold, you will be able to skate across the Delaware River soon!

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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Everyone should walk more. Problem is, walking takes time. If you still work, and have other responsibilities like ageing parents, that time just dosen't exist. So I go through life fat and tired.

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pete41(9ab FL.)

Up in the morning a half hour earlier and go boy.Walking or biking grow on you.They bring out the endor???? which makes you feel good about yourself.Do it.Two years ago right after my operation I couldn't do a hundred yards and just before the slicing angina limited me to that much.Go,go and no excuses.

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