Facebook and Smart boards

sammy zone 7 TulsaFebruary 28, 2009

I hope enough of you are reading that I can get a good answer - anyone's answer is good.

I am the last person to try Facebook. My son told me about joining and finding his high school friends. I thought I would like to do that too.

Facebook requires that I use Outlook or a different email so it can get names from my browser. I don't want it to have any access to my computer. I just want to look around. Do you know of a solution other than using yahoo or google?

I am going to learn to use a Smart Board, and should get one next year. 6 hours of training in 2 hour increments are required. Do any of you use a Smart Board regularly?


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Well, I missed the part where Facebook listed (skip this). Once I skipped it, I got along just fine. I seem to have the ability to make everything look difficult.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

What's a Smart Board?
Besides being a great marketing name?

Ann, in the semi-dark ages.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Ann, I am learning. During the political races, did you watch much TV? CNN and others would stand by a board, and point to it as it changed from one frame to the other. With a touch colors and everything changed. Well, it happened from a computer that was set up, and I think they held a remote control to make some of the changes, and some were from touching.

I don't mind learning how to do what someone has set up, but I will have to set up programs for my Spanish classes, and our instructions will probably be in math or history.

I know that the new textbooks had this technology, but I did not know it was coming now.

I wondered how people felt about using them. They are, of course, mainly used in teaching, but teaching does not have to be in school, of course.


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anntn6b(z6b TN)

I tend to avoid talking heads at all costs, even the ones with great visuals.
I spent a lot of this past fall in the 1800s in books and magazines. (And I did read newspapers from the modern era.)

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Sammy: I love Facebook....I thought I was one of the last ones to join!!!

I absolutely love the IM feature. I don't normally IM, but I will on there.

I don't really like all the foo=foo stuff: throwing beads is the current thing. I try to avoid that as much as possible.

However, I DO love the zynga games: Pathwords being my current fave. I pretend that I'm doing it because it is good for my brain!


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carla17(Z7 NC)

Sammy, I've finally figured out how to upload photos on Facebook. I doubt I could learn a smart board but sounds like something I need.

joining Ann in dark ages

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Hey, wait -- wasn't I the last one to join Facebook? LOL

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Love face book

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Lisa H., I play Pathwords. But even more fun is Scrabble. I am the worst player but have at least learned some strategy and I play my daughter, who beats me silly in addition to anyone else I play. I am ready to challenge you in PW. Also fun is My Farm. Most people start playing it but don't stick with it. I have loads of producing trees, crops and animals and the developers have more things coming in the future, even roses!
Mary Doyle

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Lisa_H OK(7)

Mary...I play My Farm too :) I'm on haitus from it right now though, just letting the orchard do it's thing. I did buy the farmhouse the other day though. It's so cute!

I'm not all that great at Pathwords, my high score is in the 800's...how I'm not sure, I sure can't manage to touch it again! I have friends that are in the 1,000. what????

Sure, I'll play you. Let me see if I can find you.


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Lisa_H OK(7)

Mary, I hope I found you, or I just embarrassed myself :)

Lisa Hendrick

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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Oh dear, my high score is only 630. You will have fun with me. I'm doing the same thing with the farm. Letting the trees do the work. Planting and harvesting crops is tough on the hand! I need to save that for pathwords!
You have a friend request.

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Lisa_H OK(7)

I'm glad you found me....I ran my name through FB...there are a TON of people with my name. Who knew???

Sammy, I'll add you too, if you want to play.


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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Where are pathwords and farm?
I am lost, I think I need to reread some posts. I joined facebook to see if anyone in my high school class was on it, but there was only one person. I think she was part of my school that another school had consolidated with.

Then I tried my college, and found 33 people I have never heard of. After all of that I realized that nobody would know me by my married name, and needed to change my name to include my maiden name. This is too much.

Smart Board. Yikes. It is run through the computer with an overhead projector in the ceiling. I teach all second year Spanish, and the class was taught by a kindergarten teacher and a high school calculus teacher. Jumping frogs and filling in large letters does not excite me or teach me anything. Calculus numbers or whatever they have are not amazing.

The good thing is that I did find foods in power point, and will be able to put something together for my presentation in a week. It is rather overwhelming to try to think of visuals to put on a board to help explain something to 36 kids - 16 year old kids. They understand this stuff more than I ever will. Now I find out that the speakers don't work - I didn't know we needed sound. This is very involved.

IT is hard to learn in 2 hour presentations. I need a purpose and use for something, then develop the program myself.

Are there games on Facebook?

I think I like simple. To me it was a great achievement to have my own web site for my kids to go to for make up work. Now so many people have such involved sites, it is just silly.

Thanks for the responses and I will reread them soon.


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peachiekean(z10A CA)

Sammy, sorry I hijacked your thread. Please know there are so many fun things to do on FB besides sending silly stuff to your friends. Of course that is fun too, but personally the games are what I love. Bowling Buddies, Scramble, Word Challenge, MindJolt games, Scrabble, virtual farming, and so on.
My daughter is the historian of our "family group", the other is the administrator who lets family members in; so many people are now in the group that I do not know but they are indeed related. My husband scans pics from his old slide collection and posts them of the kids when they were little. They all love it! We all first got started on this when there was a family wedding here in town in September and the newlyweds wanted to share the festivities with everyone. It mushroomed from there. Well, gotta run, (gotta check out Facebook). LOL!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I was just getting ready to turn off the computer when I saw your response, Mary. You have not hijacked the thread, but you have enhanced it. I had no idea there was so much on it. I need to touch base with family, and may do the same thing. It is a great idea.

My all time favorite game is a word game I used to play on Yahoo, then I think I had to start paying, and quit. It had levels, and I reached the Library or archive level. I used tiles, and suddenly they would reach the bottom, and I would lose - the library would be on fire, I think.

I need to check out the games.

Thank you so much.


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Lisa_H OK(7)

Sammy, look in the applications section, I think that's where the links are to MyFarm and Pathwords. Zynga is the company behind Pathwords. I think you can go through their website to find them. Let me see.... I think the link I posted will help.

If not, email me and I will "friend" you and you can see my page.

I don't do a lot of the silly stuff, but I love the ability to post pics and talk with any of my friends who happen to be on. This week I discovered how to make Flair (looks like a button) and now my friends would probably prefer that I had not done so :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Try this link for Pathwords.

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Oh my---Facebook scares me-----------I'm jsut lucky to be able to use the computer---LOL


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