As the Aloe Spirals...

denisez10(SoCal)August 29, 2007

Did I really sneak in with the first in a new thread? We'll see...

I've still got an unreal, cartoon-fed fondness for skunks, no real-world experience. There's a family of skunks at my DH's workplace, and we love hearing news of them. What a mighty defense system. There seems to be a possum prowling the garden again at night, judging from the scarcity of snails and lots of broken shells.

Yes, the '70 bus was a huge hit up the coast, outstretched hands thru side windows holding digital cameras snapping pics as they roared passed us, doing 75-80 mph to our 55 mph. Lots of misty-eyed men coming up at gas stations, talking up DH about their so-and-so year bus. Some references to Little Miss Sunshine. Even in Portland, a time machine to the sixties, where they've probably dedicated public buildings to Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, we were the only bus in town. There are so many VW buses in my hometown, it's no big deal, so this amount of attention was pretty surprising. But Deanne's right, our dry, temperate weather is perfect for keeping the old hulks running. Coming home on the 5 through the Central Valley, sans AC, is about as real a road trip as it gets, lol. I was able to read without getting the spins so was pretty absorbed for the last t-w-e-l-v-e hours. Corn is high along the 5 -- pretty much sums it up. Have a great time with your family, Kathy. That's very pretty country.

Got totally overheated in the garden yesterday straightening up. Lord, this sun is strong! All that daily puttering, snipping, when not done for two weeks adds up to a debacle pretty quick. The tropicals in pots didn't get enough water, so most leaves were snipped away. I love hearing about the late-season color in your gardens, since there's really no correlation to that here in So. Calif. Pics please, if you got 'em.

Deanne, that pot you chose is perfect.

Both boys stayed up til 2:30 last night for the eclipse, which unfortunately occurred two nights ago, lol. Insurance money came through for the stolen camera equipment, more than expected. We were ready to huff and puff with indignation, so that was nice.

Though I will NOT post a pic of my office in its present state of degradation, I will say that it is also yellow. The baby pics have been a treat. My oldest son at that age had "baby acne," lol.

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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

The gang has gone out to lunch and I'm awaiting the first day of workmen to start basement repairs.

We began married life with a VW bug and a Westphalia camper. Both were terribnle to get started in NY state winters. I hated shopping for Christmas trees with the camper. BUT, holidays were splendid. Each winter we bought a new used Westphalia and used it the following summer for holidays, then sold it at a price which paid not only for the vehicle but for the holiday as well. They sure were popular! One guy came from England, arrived at the airport, came to our house with his family, picked up the car (paying cash) and left that evening for South America with his van filled with kids and guitars! We gave hi8m our little propane cooker as a bonus. When DD was about 4, we traveled to Nova Scvotia and beyond. We saw moose and picked blueberries, watch ocean fish and birds and had a terrific time. When we drove back Sarah cried and cried. It turned out that she thought the VW camper was our new home and thought we'd live in it forever. In early highschool DS came home all depressed because all the boys at the private school drove their own sports cars. DH had a great talk with him anbd said: "I bet your classmates don't have a VW camper though! Would you rather go on trips together to far off places in the camper or have a sports car in the city?" Hands down he voted for the camper. The camper in Little Miss Sunshine is almost as much fun as ours were...but not quite!

OK, back to business here. Sorry I can't participate as much as I'd like!

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I love the pot chosen for that... whatever it is... something juicy looking that is not native to Maine. ;).

I love skunks, too. I think they're an absolute marvel of adaptation. They're pretty active here all winter long (it gets COLD here) and they pretty mind their own business. They cruise around, looking for "leftovers", grubs, and they seem to coexist nicely with a variety of other species. So a "too nosey" dog/cat gets nailed every so often? the way I see it, they probably deserved it! But I like animals.

LOL about VW buses. A good friend of mine had one, too. We nicknamed it the "hippie bus", it was one of those pop up rigs, too. It was fun to make a new screen thingy for it!

Cindy, there's a lot of work surrounding a death, isn't there? My late aunt was a stickler for attention to detail and had EVERYTHING in order when she died... I have saved several of her notes to me and one of them says this: "It's not easy getting off this planet". Was she ever right!

Apparently, Mum flipped out this morning. She assaulted people and threw things (!!) I've been told. She has been transferred to a geriatric unit at a hospital for "observation". I spoke with the admitting nurse and asked them to check her urine and her level of hydration. I told them about her urostomy and told them to contact their staff stoma nurse ASAP. I told them about her hearing aids (one is broken again!) and that they should have her entire hearing aid kit transferred with her... . I asked if I should go right down or let them handle it (worried that seeing might make her more upset). I gave them some advice on how to handle her and what topics of conversation will often change her focus. I KNEW this would happen; predicted it to my brother after the last meeting... to the DAY. I have NO confidence in any of the medical field, in fact I tend to regard most of them with disdain now; what a sad commentary on what I've encountered thusfar with respect to care for infirm elderly. Deanne, I hope Deb. is holding up well! I feel myself degenerating into "poor company" once more. :/

I struggled through the bolsters today, WILLING myself into the zen space sewing can provide me. I made several very foolish, "amateur" mistakes before settling into the zone. It wasn't a particularly good day, but by the end of tomorrow I'll closer to finishing 2 odious jobs and will be better prepared to focus on Mum's most recent crisis.

Somehow painting "man" doors doesn't seem very appealing right now. :)

I figure as soon as I find something soothing to occupy me the "social worker du jour" will call and want to discuss Mum...

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Hi Everyone,
Haven't read all of the posts from the last thread. Couldn't get the tread to open due to the slowness of my dial-up.

My little sister, from Arizona, breezed through her surgery last Wednesday. I called the hospital a few times while she was in. She calls daily just to check in. We are waiting for the pathology report. I honestly didn't expect her to do this well.

Last Thursday my DD broke her foot. She was walking down her hallway when her knee gave out. She has degenerative bone disease in both knees. She then crawled into the living room, after laying in the hall for an hour, and called me from her cell phone. Her DH was out doing errands, after work, and left his cell phone in the car. I called for an ambulance because we are 30 minutes away. The medics, firetruck and police arrived and they had to use the ladder from the firetruck to to climb up onto the roof. Her front door was locked and she lives on the second floor. They were able to get in through one of the windows. DSIL arrived as they were putting her in the ambulance. She said that all her neighbors were hanging out on the sidewalk. The police had blocked off the road. There she was in excruciating pain-NO BRA, etc. She was more upset about what she was wearing and all the spectators than about her foot. I spent Tuesday with her because DSIL had to work. My DH and I are taking her to the doctors tomorrow. The bone was actually twisted and the Dr. called it a Spiral Break.

DH and I are driving up to northern PA to visit my sister on Saturday. We'll be spending the weekend at their farm. My brother lives up there too so it will be a nice family reunion.

Saturday was the first day of sun that we have had in 5 days. DH and I drove up to Well-Sweep Herb Farm. They were having their Customer Appreciation Day. Plants 20% off and free lunch. I picked up 9 plants. 2 Heucherellas, Heuchera, Hosta, Obedient Plant, Meadow Sweet, Variegated Jacob's Ladder, Variegated Fleece Flower and a Perennial Geranium.

Chelone-I hope your mum is doing better. If I was in your situation I'd probably have blown a fuse by now. By the way-I'm a sewer too. I often get the sewing bug...

If I don't have time to post before I go away I hope everyone has a great week-end.


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gardenbug(Canada zone 5)

Mariann, that's NOT the kind of SPIRAL this thread needs! So sorry for DD and now I think her DH needs no reminding about carrying his cell phone with him?

Today promises to be busy here...but I'm not sure yet how!


Here are a few photos from the farm yesterday.

Catching butterflies:

DSIL cleaning eaves:


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