Sunday morning sky

lilosophieOctober 29, 2013

They say: Red sky in the morning...and predict rain in the near future - well it most likely rained somewhere, but definitely not here.
It is so dry nobody is using their wood-stove for the off chance a spark could escape and there are dead leaves and pine-straw everywhere. It is cold in the mornings and forced air heat is just not the same (and uses propane, expensive)
It certainly is a pretty picture, though, isn't it?

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Gorgeous! That's the number 2 thing I miss the most from the Coast. Number one of course, is the food. The old saying with which I grew up is:

Red sky at morning, sailors take warning
Red sky at night, sailor's delight

Guess one wouldn't want too much buffetting about on the sea in stormy weather. Take care in this dry weather. P.S. I'm not sure the alternative is all that grand. We're forecasted for very stormy weather, tornadoes, on Thursday during trick or treating time.

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We too had several days with red morning sky and clouds and the rest of the day not a cloud in the sky. Wondered what became of that saying, you Robb, mentioned.
Today we had the heaviest fog I have seen in several years at our location and now, in the afternoon, the bushes are stille wet. We have the same weather warning as you in TN.

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Lilo, I am definitely sorry for the lack of moisture in your area and consequent fire danger, but what a glorious picture.

Our house has an east/west exposure, but b/c we are at a lower elevation than the surrounding areas, we don't often see beautiful sunrises/sunsets, per se. The surrounding, higher clouds have to be full of color for us to know one is happening!

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Gorgeous sky and great pic. DD lives near Point Reyes, CA, and she sent a pic of her sunrise that day.
While the two of you had gorgeous skies, we here in Silicon Valley were under a huge fog bank. It is all called CA weather.
Go figure.

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It's not gone as far as I know? It's an old Navy saying. At least, those are the sailors who told me the saying. Lovely pink sunsets are even better to me than a sunrise. It's much warmer in the evening!

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Gorgeous pics thx for sharing.

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