Another guest at Cafe Casa Lilo

lilosophieOctober 10, 2012

This little guy showed up and sorted through the spilled hay, finding oats, his favorite repast.

I happened to catch sight of him while I was sitting at my desk - and managed to capture him before he went on his way.

Nice to have a window behind the desk, nice to have the camera ready (and the window reasonably clean)

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Wow what a set of ears!!!!

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Jackrabbit - they are pretty lean and about a large as a cat and are actually not rabbits at all, they are hares.

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Great pic. There is a place down by the bay where the hares like to frequent, the grasses are about 2' tall, and at times all you see are the ears popping up thru the grass.

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Steve, I thought the same as you, when I saw the picture! As Goldilocks might say, "My, what big ears you have"!! LOL

Lilo, it's so nice that you have the desire--and the opportunity--to take such neat pictures, and especially nice that you share them with us! Thank you.

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Lilo, I found a quote which applies to you and your garden.

Garden: One of a vast number of free outdoor restaurants operated by charity-minded amateurs in an effort to provide healthful, balanced meals for insects, birds and animals.
Henry Beard and Roy McKie, Gardener's Dictionary

Thanks for another great picture.

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He's so pretty. I wish I could pet him (without losing a digit). I can tell I have lived in California; I knew it was a hare. (BIG grin) I miss them. We have cute little powerpuff sized bunnies here, but you have to have magnifying glasses to see them.

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