Fall colors

lilosophieOctober 22, 2013

I know this area can't compete with others, we have too many conifers, evergreens where other places have so many hardwoods, but we like our fall-colors anyway.
This little tree is an "orphan", a volunteer pear tree growing in the no-man's land between our and the adjoining property, it's a 60ft. easement for the power company. It has grown quite large now and treats us with blooms in spring and pretty golden leaves in fall.
We are quite fond of it.

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My neighbor saw a volunteer seedling in her yard and figured out that it was a baby tree. She nursed it for years, and when a huge tree in her front yard had to be removed, she planted her baby. It is now a beautiful 7' tree. It is still her baby.

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What a pretty pear tree. Around here I have not seen such a pretty yellow pear tree, all the others are just starting to turn, we never have the bright colors of the northern states, oaks, our main trees, are not that colorful.

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I don't know if it ever has any fruit, has never been grafted. But then my two pear trees are pear-less most of the time, it always gets cold and raining when the bloom and the pollinators are staying home.

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That's a great little tree... and I was just about to ask about the pears- until I saw your note.

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The pear tree provides a lovely note of color amidst the evergreens and since it's in the easement has room to grow. Mother Nature always wants things to grow, whether there's room or not.

We have proof of that in our small back yard. About ten years ago, we dug up a less than 1' tall pine tree from our son-in-law's woods in So. MD and transplanted it to WV. Now, it's at least 30' tall, sheds pine needles over EVERYTHING, and is not a pretty tree--crooked trunk, scraggily branches, and the above mentioned pine needles, but the birds love it, and it would be a big job to remove it, so it's safe for a while longer.

I keep trying to remember that when first planted, trees, bushes, shrubs, etc., may be small, but they don't stay that way!!

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